Honey Play Box Releases New Earth-shaking Vibrator “Joi”


Honey Play Box has released Joi, a dual-performance toy offering a rotating head for G-spot and a licking motion for clit stimulation.

Joi is described by a rep as “a gorgeous, fluid-body and a dual-ended design for double stimulation, fitting the joys of two mind-blowing orgasms into one mono vibrator. This is a G-spot vibrator combined with a clit stimulator, making two of your orgasmic dreams come true.”  

Honey Play Box believes that this is a sex toy that they have gone all-out to ensure it not only satisfies their customer’s sexual needs but exceeds them.

Joi comes with a whole host of features that will flawlessly usher you into a world of ecstasy, by arousing and pleasuring the A-spot, C-spot, and G-spot all at once. The key features of this exhilarating clit-licking vibrator include a clit-licking tongue, 7 tongue-licking patterns, 7 vibration-rotating patterns, body-safe silicone and waterproof material, and of course, an out-of-this-world orgasm bonanza.

This mind-blowing toy comes with features that every woman needs, and most importantly, features that leave no pleasure stone unturned.

Joi is also a dual-pleasure performance product that features a clit stimulator with a slightly open mouth, and a flexible tongue that will ensure all 8000 clitoral nerve endings are aroused.

On top of this, the clit stimulator has multiple clit-licking patterns for multiple clitoral orgasms, and is built to tease, please, and squeeze out every ounce of pleasure from the clitoris.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The G-spot vibrator is equipped with a 360-rotating head that rolls in an “O” orbit to accurately target the G-spot, and ensure users experience every bit of bliss. This G-spot vibrator has the ability to wag in a motion that appeals to your emotions.

Honey Play Box went out and out to ensure that this product is ergonomically designed to fit every unique body. Its waterproof body removes any possibility of restrictions from experiencing maximum pleasure regardless of where you are – whether in the pool, bathtub, shower, or at the beach. By using body-safe silicon, Honey Play Box guarantees the sexual wellness of users, just as it guarantees their sexual pleasure.

“We are over the moon about this product, and we know that our customers will not regret bringing Joi into their bedrooms,” said a Honey Play Box representative.

Visit www.honeyplaybox and get Joi.