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Honey Play Box to Showcase A New Product Line at Vibe Expo

Honey Play Box is pleased to announce its participation as an exhibitor at Vibe Expo, “the pleasure show,” set to take place at the stylish Loews Hollywood Hotel on Jan. 12-13.

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Honey Play Box Makes a Sizzling Debut at eroFame 2023 with Exciting App-Controlled Product Line
Honey Play Box showcased its cutting-edge app-controlled product series at eroFame 2023, which garnered an enthusiastic reception from attendees.
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Honey Play Box Set to Unveil App 2.0 and a New Product Line at eroFame 2023
Honey Play Box is excited to announce its participation in eroFame 2023, where they will introduce their highly anticipated innovative range of app-controlled products to the global market.
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app-controlled egg vibrator
LILI, the first app-controlled egg vibrator, gives out interactive functions that's great for long-distance partners who are looking to spice up their sex lives.
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We invite customers and sex toy aficionados to follow us around as we promote Honey Play Box products at expos and shows from around the world. Our last showcase was during the 2023 EroSpain Mediterranean B2B Expo in Barcelona where we put our latest sex toys on display. These events support our mission to bring high-quality adult accessories and sex toys to B2B customers around the globe. Honey Play Box is a growing brand after having impressive success in the US. We’re looking to expand to other regions, including the UK and the greater European market so people can enjoy our latest sex toy products.

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