5 Problems Caused By Having A Big Dick, And How To Fix Them

Most men worry about the size of their penis. "Average penis size," "is my penis too small," and "does penis size matter" are some of the most popular searches on search engines. And, to save you a search, the average penis size (in the United States) is 5.16 inches (13.1 cm). Because most men watch porn, and because most porn actors have larger than average penises, most men believe that their penises are below average. Of course, this means that most men wish that they had larger penises.  


If you have this particular wish, then this article will make you rethink it. Have you ever heard the expression, "too much of a good thing?" This applies to most things and, of course, it also applies to penis size.

larger penises

First things first, let’s define a "big dick" before we begin. Like we mentioned before, many scientific studies have determined that the average penis length (while erect) is 5.16 inches (13 cm) (in the US). These same studies have determined that, if you have a penis that’s over 6.3 inches (16 cm) when erect, you have a bigger dick than 95% of all men in the US (PsychologyToday). These same studies also determine that many women consider any penis over 7 inches as "too big," or rather, "big enough to be uncomfortable."


So, let’s dive into problems that arise if you have a big dick. Even if you don’t have one, this article will still be interesting and, if anything, reading it on your computer (or even leaving it open while you go do something else) will make people think you were doing research about your big friend downstairs.

1. Discomfort while wearing pants and boxers:



The most common problem that you’ll run into if you have a big dick, is discomfort. Too much of a good thing, right? First of all, most pants and boxer briefs tend to ride tight in the crotch while sitting in cars, in office chairs, and when going up stairs. If you have a big dick, you’ll know that the crotch of your pants will shift depending on how you sit, stand, or walk. When this shifting happens, it’s very common for your boxers to pull upwards and become snagged on your penis or scrotum, cutting off blood flow or pinching your skin with the tight fabric. This is why it’s important to change the position of your boxers or briefs during the day, ensuring that you are comfortable. If you have a big penis, then there will be less room in your briefs and in the crotch of your pants. This is a big problem if you have to wear dress pants or suit pants, as you will also have to tuck your shirt into the crotch of your pants, making things even more tight.


To address this problem, you can buy pants and boxers that are looser in the crotch area and make sure not to wear them too high on your waist. You should also avoid crossing your legs if you can.


2. Discomfort during sex:

Now, when it comes to sex, you might be under the impression that the bigger the penis, the greater the pleasrue. But this is a very common misconception. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true.


Everyone talks about penis length, but not many people talk about vaginal length. That’s right, guys, vaginas don’t just go on forever. They stop, and they stop sooner than you’d think. Like penises, vaginas change when the person they’re attached to is aroused. On average, an unstimulated vagina is from 2.75 inches (6.9 cm) long to 3.25 inches (8.25 cm) long. Stimulated, the length of the vaginal opening ranges from 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) to about 4.75 inches (12 cm) (WebMD).


Notice something about those numbers? They’re not very high. The average penis is longer than the depth of the average vagina. Of course, this ranges due to the woman’s age and sexual activity, but, even then, the average penis is still longer than the average vagina is deep.


Now let’s talk G-spots. The G-spot is actually close to the vaginal opening, only around 1 inch (2.54 cm) into the vagina. As you should know, the G-spot is the best place to stimulate a woman, and you can do this from inside the vaginal canal by stimulating the upper walls close to the vaginal opening. This is the spot where most of the nerves that create pleasure are located on a vagina, so this is the spot you want to be stimulating. Of course, some women want to be filled and penetrated deeply, but you don’t need that much length to do this either.


If you have a big penis, you shouldn’t try fitting all of it into a vagina. This will cause discomfort both for your partner and for you. The vaginal walls are sensitive and can be torn if not penetrated the right way.


To address this problem, you have to keep in mind the depth of the average vagina, only using the ¾ or so of your penis to penetrate, leaving some of the length outside.



3. Finding condoms that fit:


Penis toy

Imagine the following scenario. You meet a beautiful woman on a night out. Things get hot and heavy and are heating up even more very quickly. She invites you back to her place. You guys catch a cab or a ride using an app, making out and engaging in foreplay in the backseat. You arrive at her place, unwilling to take your hands off her.


Finally, you’re inside her apartment, making out, undressing each other, moving toward her bed. Then, just as you’re about to start having sex, she breaks away from your kiss and asks a question.


"Do you have a condom?"


You don’t. You usually have one in your wallet, but you read that leaving one in there too long can damage it (which is true), but you never replaced it.


"I have one," she says, pulling one out from her bedside table.


This is a girl that practices safe sex.


You say, "no problem," and unwrap the condom and put it on.


Uh oh. Things are tight down there. So tight it’s becoming painful. You feel like the condom is cutting off blood to your penis and your erection falters.


Still, this is likely the only condom that this girl has or, if she has more, it’s likely that they’re all from the same pack.


Do you grin and bear it? Or do take it off and destroy the mood by putting your clothes back on and running for the nearest convenience store?


Before you can answer, the condom flies off your dick like a deflated balloon. It doesn’t fit.


If you have a big penis, you know that you need a big condom. Yes, many condoms advertise the fact that they’re for large penises, but some of them just want to make their customers feel better. If you actually have a big penis, you need to actually go down to the store and try a few of them out. Sure, it might be a hassle to do this, but trust us, it’s better to do it before the night of your hot date and not in the middle of it.


So, solve this problem by trying out a few condom brands and sizes and then putting one in your pocket before you hit the bar or the club. Putting a condom in a wallet for months at a time is unsafe, and it isn’t as convenient as reaching into your back pocket or jacket pocket and pulling one out when things get hot.


4. Blowjobs are uncomfortable:


People that say that they love big dicks have probably never tried to deepthroat one. There are many misconceptions about blowjobs, and it doesn’t help that, in the heat of the moment, there usually isn’t much time to do last minute research. One of these misconceptions is that whoever is doing the blowjob has to deepthroat the penis, and take as much of it as they can down their mouth and into their throat.


Deepthroating is only one blowjob technique, but it isn’t always advisable, especially if you’re dealing with a person with a big penis. Trying to deepthroat a penis that is larger than average can cause a person to hit the back of their throat and trigger their gag reflex.


The gag reflex is a physiological reaction that our bodies undergo to protect us from choking on something that is lodged into our throat, making us vomit in order to dislodge whatever’s stuck. This is a very helpful function, but not when you’re trying to engage in oral sex. The last thing you want when you’re trying to get your rocks off is to become covered in vomit.


But, because big penises are long enough to reach the back of the throat, it’s very easy to activate a person’s gag reflex when trying to get a blowjob.


So, if you have a big penis and want to experience the joy of a blowjob without making someone throw up, you can fix this problem by using masturbator sex toys.

5. Sex toys and masturbators might not fit you:

Yes, you read that right. You might not be aware of this, but there are many sex toys designed for men, and no, not all of them are designed to stimulate a man through anal penetration.


The products that we’re talking about are called masturbators. As the name implies, these toys are designed to stimulate a penis so that a person can orgasm without a partner and without using their hands to masturbate.

These toys are very popular because they make masturbation easier, more enjoyable, and much more pleasurable. After all, there is only so much you can do with your hand and, if you have intercourse or oral sex with your partner, they might not know how to stimulate you the best way.


A masturbator, however, will always perform the way you expect it to. It will never get tired, tell you that it has a headache, or tell you that it’s not in the mood.


Like we’ve stated previously, a big advantage to using a masturbator is that you can experience a blowjob without worrying about hitting the back of a person’s throat and activating their gag reflex. Many people don’t even want to try to give someone else a blowjob because of this very reason, so using a masturbator is a great way to avoid this problem.


However, many masturbators are designed so that the user inserts their penis into them. Because of this, these masturbators actually have a size limit. Most of these masturbators are designed with the average penis size in mind, and are not designed to take a penis that is 7 inches or larger because most men don’t have a penis that size.


Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by using the following two sex toys, which have been designed to fit any dick size, no matter how big or small.

Gale, is a rotating male masturbator that performs a hands-free auto blowjob. It’s designed to have 7 rotating and thrusting modes that stimulate your penis with rotating beads. Its design is perfect for any penis size, because it’s designed to focus on the upper half of the penis, where most of the nerve endings are located. It’s wide enough and tall enough to be comfortable for any penis size.

Hayden is a 3 in 1 sucking, rotating, and thrusting male masturbator with a realistic orifice that is both soft and firm. It’s not just designed to replicate blowjobs, it’s designed to bring you the perfect blowjob. With 7 rotating and thrusting motions, Hayden does what no human mouth can, using rotating textured sleeves that have been scientifically engineered specifically to make you come.

In conclusion:


Living with too much of a good thing can cause a fair share of problems, but, the next time you run into one of the problems outlined in this article, remember the solutions that we discussed here too. If your partner has a bigger penis than most, you can also use this article to help them deal with these issues.


Be sure to always visit us if you have any questions about sex, sex toys, and the erotic side of your life.


Wrote by: Fernando L.

Honey Play Box Editorial Team