Can I Buy Sex Toys At Hot Topic?

Can I Buy Sex Toys At Hot Topic

A little while back a friend recommended a film. Foolishly I didn't write the title down and so, days later, I found myself heading to google to try and find it. I thought he'd called it Hot Topic, so I typed it into the search engine and waited for the movie to grace my screen. But the expected images didn't pop up. Instead the results showed me a new shop, it was new to me so I scrolled down further. One of the questions that people ask was "does Hot Topic have sex toys?" Naturally, that caught my attention. 

What kind of store is Hot Topic?

Being from the UK this store was new to me. A little research tells me that it all started, almost thirty five years ago, when the first shop opened in Montclair, California. It is known as a clothing and accessories outlet for alternative cultures, aimed at music lovers and gamers, according to Wikipedia.

With customers in their late teens and young adults, the styles reflect pop culture trends. Hot Topics instagram shows the geeky glamour and darker rock styles, interjected with soft toys and cute accessories. Their Twitter showcases some fun giveaways alongside the products on offer. The website is an absolute treasure trove of goodies.

Hot Topic online is an easy to navigate website. Full to bursting with clothes, toys and all manner of accessories. I'm sure I could spend a day hunting through and still not see it all. But I was there with one question in mind. So I popped up to the search box and typed "sex toys". I'm nothing if not direct! Of course, I wasn't surprised to see pages of plushies. Not in the least. With a target audience of 16+ it wouldn't be right to find sex toys there. The 16+ audience also, by default, includes the 18+ age group. And some of these customers may be looking to diversify their online shopping. Often a young person will head on to further study, and during these years they can discover a whole new range of pleasures, all while making the most of the 20% student discount here on Honey Play Box.

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Hot Topic has courted controversy over the years. 

With their edgy style, and young adult styling, it seems only natural that the fashion on sale at Hot Topic would raise an eyebrow or two, particularly among the more conservative in society. 

For example, the Stinger Jeans, a punk styled, skinny fit jean with suspender hanging from the waist. These wouldn't look out of place at a festival, with the wearer stomping in big black boots to the band on stage. But there had been outrage online at their kinky appearance, they were seen as far too sexualised for a store which was aimed at teenagers. But as Hot Topic is also targeting the young adult market there will always be some crossover. And, of course, a brand isn't limited to its target market. There is no reason why older adults can't shop there. If the trousers fit, why not? (And if these ones don't there are more fits in similar styles to spark your interest.)

Mind you, all that online outrage has given me an idea. I can see the Stinger Jeans being worn in a fetish club, with a Dom walking his gagged and bound submissive through the crowd on a leash. Maybe they were right to be angry after all?

What about the notorious "sex bracelets"?

Another product that flashed up in my search was jelly bracelets. These were previously stocked by Hot Topic, and though they no longer seem to feature on the website, I wondered what they could possibly be. My thoughts went directly to a cock ring, one which I imagined being wrapped around the penis a few times. 

I was sorely disappointed - on the penis front I mean. It turns out that these jelly bracelets, also known as sex bracelets, are a secret code for wearers to communicate the level of intimacy they will be comfortable with. I think back to my youth and remember wearing these, but even though they have been around, and used in the same way for many years, I had no idea what they were for. 

The website, Snopes, gives a common breakdown of the colours: "Yellow: hugging Purple: kissing Red: lap dance Blue: oral sex Black: intercourse". One person wears the bracelet, and anyone who breaks one gets a coupon for the corresponding value. These became problematic in American schools, and were soon banned. While you can still purchase them online, Hot Topic is not the place to do so. 

I can't help but think these would be a really valuable addition for a sex club. Used with an "approach with care" caveat, it would open up lines of communication for those who may initially be nervous of starting conversation with a sexy stranger. Many of the problems I hear from this environment could easily be ironed out with a clearer way to discuss needs, desires and levels. Some clubs do have a system in place, but these are never universal and as such, may cause confusion among revellers? Perhaps it's time to bring back the sex bracelets?

So… does Hot Topic have sex toys?

It turns out my rather random internet search history has yielded some interesting results. Hot Topic is most definitely not the film I had been looking for, it is a fashion brand for older teens and younger adults. While they do have some clothes which a conservative generation could describe as sexualised, the vast majority is very innocent and playful. And, no. Contrary to Google's suggestions (likely based on my search history) Hot Topic does not sell sex toys. If you are looking at branching out from pop culture to the erotic but want to keep up to date with the latest in playful styles, check out the New Arrivals, best vibrators or best dildos here at Honey Play Box. 

Right-o. Now I've got that sorted, I had best check in with my friend, see if he can remember the film he suggested last month! Before google gives me further ideas for my internet education.

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