KAI Review The Best Blowjob Machine To Blow Your Mind - Honey Play Box

KAI Review - The Best Blowjob Machine To Blow Your Mind by Honey Play Box

KAI is a branded and semi-discreet Honey vibrator that certainly gets the dirty job done. In this Kai review, we take a look at some of the special features, which include an incredibly realistic penis insert and a novelty you might find attractive.

Kai-Honey Play Box

KAI - A Blowjob Simulator at Half the Size

Most blowjob machines are of the towering variety– they're not very good at being discreet or hiding when you don't need them. Sex toy manufacturer Honey Play Box has turned the niche on its head and offers a more portable experience for those who want an automatic male masturbator with similar features.

KAI stands at just 9.13 inches in length and 3.3 inches in width, making it a very portable option. You may think that the experience will be inferior compared to full-fledged masturbator monstrosities, but this isn't the case (more on the experience later).

The auto masturbator trumps out vanilla and cheap pocket pussies by having advanced internals. It's not just a 'pump-in and pump-out until you cum' session, as you can play with various settings to get the type of play you want. KAI is actually very good at what it does and pays attention to detail for an unforgettable orgasm.

The Kai Experience

The male stroker comes in a plain and discreet package, which is a plus for those who want to keep things on the down low. Unboxing is just a matter of removing the shrink wrap and removing KAI from its resting place.

KAI is pre-charged out of the box, and it only takes about half an hour to get to 100%. If you want to take your time and explore everything the blowjob simulator has to offer, then I'd recommend you do the same thing. While waiting, you can familiarize yourself with the sex toy and accessories by reading the manual and finding out where the buttons are.

If you don't have any experience with masturbators, then I'll say it right now- don't insert your cock without applying KAI-approved lubricant. In the same vein, I'd suggest you buy a lubricant while checking out the product so you won't have to wait or run out to the pharmacy to buy one.

With the masturbator turned off, the first penetration will feel super tight- the inner sleeve wraps itself around the cock like a glove in hand. I took it nice and slow, inserting it until I was all the way in. There was still an inch or so of allowance to work on, making KAI suitable for nearly all sizes.

The highlight of KAI is easily its sucking mechanism. If you love blowjobs but can't seem to find a girl who loves giving one on a regular basis, then you'll definitely like KAI. With the sleeve sealed and air-sucking activated, I could almost imagine a hot girl giving me head. But that isn't all- there are five suction patterns to change up the action every now and then. I'd like to label the slowest one as a passionate blowjob, while at the highest setting, it's a girl who wants to suck all your cum.

For extra sensations, or that throat-like buzz feeling you can switch the vibration on. This elevates the whole masturbation session and opens up different fantasies you might have playing in your head. Oh, and don't forget that you can manually position KAI a bit outward or inward to simulate kinky scenarios.

The 'real moaning voice' feature is a nice touch, but in the heat of the moment, you may not hear it that well. There's no way to connect it to a wireless earphone, but it's loud enough to hear in a relatively quiet environment.

KAI Male Masturbator Features

A Blowjob Stimulator

Realistic and Tight Silicone

The inner sleeve of the Honey auto blowjob device is made from body-safe silicone to ensure you experience pleasure without the downsides. You won't need to worry about allergies with inferior materials and can get right down and dirty with the help of a compatible lubricant.

The 3-inch width plays well with the tight tunnel feature and simulates a girl wrapping her hand or mouth around your cock. The first use is worth every thrust, and with the proper care and maintenance, you'd likely get the same feeling. Oh, and the inside is nicely textured and you'll feel every dot and rib.

Air Pressure Sucking Technology

The MVP feature of Kai is the air pressure technology they use to create that dick-sucking motion. Saying that it's pleasurable for the penis is an understatement- you'd want to go to the lowest settings first or else you'd cum in under a minute!

Once you get acclimated, then it's time to be adventurous and try the highest setting. As mentioned, there are five suction patterns to cater to every scenario. Get a good seal in and press the button to see fireworks. Do take note that higher suction and vibration levels tend to make KAI run out of juice sooner.

Vibration and Suction Patterns

The level of play you can simulate with KAI is simply amazing, to say the least. I found that for every setting in suction and vibration gave me a new sensation I didn't get the last time I used KAI. Value for money extends further the more you use this men vibrator.

As a side note, you'll have to ramp up the settings by going through the lowest before you can reach the highest. The 'sucking' and 'vibrating' are just adjacent to each other, and it's easy to accidentally press the wrong button when you're about to explode, so take extra care when making adjustments.

Built-In Battery

Kai sports a rechargeable battery inside its shell, which lasts for around a hundred minutes of play. Charging roughly takes the same amount of time. You'll love how you can take the portable male masturbator anywhere without being hampered by wires or cables. Each product comes with a USB charging cord that works with all smartphone or tablet wall adapters.


Kai is supremely portable, unlike other blowjob machines on the market. The unassuming shell can be hidden in plain sight, and you can bring it with you to the bathroom, your car, or even while on vacation. Color options come in White and Yellow.

Is KAI The Best Blowjob Machine?

The Best Blowjob Machine

Kai is that refreshing change that breaks the mold. Instead of a machine the size of a luggage, you get a portable yet powerful sucking toy that has more or less all the features of its full-fledged counterpart.

It's an elevated form of a regular pocket pussy, with a small motor that can suck and vibrate at the same time should you want. That said, it's perfect for those discreet sessions where you want to let off some steam and are too lazy to use your hands. The disconnect simulates sexual play with a real girl who wants to wrap her mouth around your cock.

The tight inner sleeve feels so good, and it takes automatic masturbators to a whole new level. Kai has one of the most realistic skin-like materials around, and this alone justifies the purchase.

The realistic moaning voice feature is a bit polarizing- some people will find it very useful while others may not find it as satisfying as say, a real girl or maybe a porn video. Charging takes a while, so make sure to plan your play session in advance so you won't find yourself having to use your hands to finish later on.

Why Should You Buy Kai Blowjob Master

Overall, Kai automatic male masturbator is highly recommended. There will be times when you would do a double look to see if it's the same sucking toy you're using once you try a new setting. 100 minutes of runtime should be enough for roughly 5-7 personal sessions, but the real fun begins once you introduce it to your partner in the bedroom.

The price is very reasonable for an automatic men masturbator, especially when the time comes that you need to break it in. With the power off you can simulate vaginal penetration if you've had one too many blowjob sessions. Oh, and don't forget to clean up using warm soap and water as it does not have a self-cleaning function.


  • Next-level skin-like material and tight inner sleeve
  • Sucking technology is powerful and works once you have a seal
  • With 5 suction patterns and 12 vibration settings, you'll be sure to find something new
  • Moaning voice feature for greater erotic pleasure
  • 100 minutes of run time


  • Moans may sound tinny and too low
  • Not self-cleaning, requires some care
  • Lube required

Kai is Worth Every Penny - Conclusion

A solid automatic blowjob machine at a fraction of the size, KAI will surely whet your sexual appetite. Nine inches should be enough to accommodate a variety of sizes, while the suction and vibration are definitely must-try's. The kicker to the blowjob machine is that it's portable and packs a good suction punch.

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