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The infamous G-spot. Chances are, you know about it, have tried to find it, and even after stumbling across it, the erogenous zone can still remain mysteriously elusive during sexy time. If you fall into this camp, know that you’re not alone. G-spot stimulation isn’t prescriptive so it doesn’t fit a one-size-fits-all formula. Since the G-spot is an internal clitoral network as opposed to a specific anatomical part like the clitoris, what works for someone else may not work for you since one’s vulva and vagina is different for each woman. The key to knowing what will consistently work for you comes through experimentation via masturbation and partnered play. 


To help you out, we’ve compiled the top five recommended sex positions paired with the perfect sex toy for hitting your G-spot. Take our picks out for a spin and oh–don’t forget to thank us later.


The soft serve.


To get into position, lay down on your side and have your partner penetrate you from behind with their penis or a strap-on. The spooning position is great at targeting the vaginal front wall where your G-spot is located. Play around with positioning by bending your knees up or adding in pillows for extra comfort when receiving pleasure.


The soft serve

If you want to put a cherry on top of the soft serve, try it with the G-spot Tapping Rabbit Vibrator to edge you closer to orgasm and make you cream (sorry, we had to throw in one pun OK!) The rumbling vibrating feature was especially crafted to give you clitoral fireworks. The rabbit vibrator comes with several different vibration settings to get you from "this feels good!" to total fireworks.


Pop the trunk.


A twist on the doggy style, you lie on your stomach on a flat surface and raise your hips while keeping your legs straight. There, they can enter from behind. You can move your hips up or down to change up the angle to search for the G-spot, which means do whatever feels good for you during penetrative sex.


Pop the trunk

To push the limits, grab the Jubilee Clitoral Licking Vibrator and use it while they’re on top. The unique tongue licking design stimulates your clitoral area but that’s not all–the textured part of the vibrator can also be held against your clitoris directly to increase foreplay. Double the fun and double the chances for you to achieve the big O.


The cowgirl.


A classic sex position and for good reason–it’s simple, empowering, and arousing. The term is as straightforward as it sounds, the rider straddles their partner and rides them like a cowperson on a rocking horse. You can vary the cowgirl with the lotus position, reverse cowgirl, and lean forward to play around with the motion for complete control. Since it offers vaginal and clitoral stimulation, there’s extra opportunities to enhance pleasure in the form of hands and toys.

The cowgirl

For mind-blowing pleasure, the Crave G-spot Vibrator with Rotating Head was crafted to specifically hit your most deeply sensitive spots while the powerful arm massages your clitoris for incredible dual stimulation. If you want a hands-off approach, the wearable 360-degree rotating head vibrator has got you covered with a remote control so you can just focus on what matters: riding yourself to bliss.


The closed missionary.


The missionary is a favorite due to its ease and face-to-face closeness. The receiving partner lies flat with the penetrating partner on top. With the closed missionary position, there’s a twist for more stimulation: the penetrating partner’s legs go on the outside of your body as you close your legs. It’s not super penetrative but provides ample opportunity for clitoral stimulation.


The closed missionary

With closed or the straightforward missionary, add in the Dolphin G-spot Vibrator to drive you to orgasm. The toy has a G-spot rolling function on its outer end for both internal and external pleasure while the inner part stimulates the clitoris, making it a versatile vibrator to add to your boudoir. Plus, the small handheld stimulator is a great size for your hand so you don’t tire out holding it while you’re finding your rhythm.


Solo play.


No partner? No problem. In all things pleasure, self-exploration is often a great starting place since you can become more comfortable with your body in the privacy of your own space. To make the G-spot easier to find, read up on some hot smutty fiction and masturbate a little so the G-spot raises in arousal. When laying down, insert a lubricated finger into your vagina about 2-3 inches and curve your finger in a "come hither" position. As you’re rocking your finger towards your belly button, apply deep, firm pressure while stroking the area either up and down or via a circular motion.


If you want something else in the room to accompany you in exploration, the Angel Triple Tease G-Spot Stimulator will be your new best friend. It comes with 25 different modes for different sensations, positions, and movements. Equipped with a G-spot flapping technology, it also mirrors the sensation of a penis to hitting and a finger flicking motion at your most sensitive bits so you have everything you need at your fingertips.




When experimenting and looking for your G-spot, it’s good to remember that a climax isn’t always the goal. As long as you’re feeling some type of thrill because it feels good, you’re already winning the pleasure game. Be sure to follow Honey Play Box’s Sweet Spot blogs for more spicy tips and curated recommendations!



Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen is a sex, relationships & dating writer. She’s particularly interested in de-stigmatizing shameful messages in sexuality by centering pleasure and liberation in her writing.