Vaginal Orgasms: An Updated Classic with 6 Tips & 4 Positions

Just when you thought you knew everything about the vagina and its orgasms, think again!

As we grow older and explore more of our bodies in juxtaposition to the world and its progress, we learn new things about the vagina everyday – from how it works, how to care for it, and how to pleasure it.

We have to slowly unlearn all of the stigma that was imposed on us before so that we can approach pleasure, specifically in the context of the vagina, with an open-mind.

So if you're reading this article and are still experiencing that sliver of shame – that is valid and it's not your fault. We want you to know that learning about your own or someone else's body in this level of intimacy is beneficial to your overall health.

Don't believe us? Oregon Health and Science University says that: "sex activates a variety of neurotransmitters that impact not only our brains but several other organs in our bodies." A few examples include: low-blood pressure, better immune system, improved self-esteem, better sleep and increased intimacy to yourself and your sexual partner.

With this revelation in mind, we hope that as we take you down this road of 6 tips for vagina orgasms, you'll be enlightened and excited about the many ways you can achieve a classic form or orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasms An Updated Classic with 6 Tips & 4 Positions

Are Vagina Orgasms Real?

We and VeryWell Health say that yes – vagina orgasms are real! In fact, the same article defines it as: "a type of orgasm that occurs during vaginal penetration", which sets it apart from other types of orgasms like clitoral orgasm because vagina orgasms don't happen to every woman or an individual with a vagina. There is always the possibility that while you may feel pleasure from penetration, it won't bring you to orgasm.

Difference between Vagina Orgasm and Clitoral Orgasm

If we were to dive deeper into the differences between vagina orgasm and clitoral orgasm, allow us and the National Institutes of Health, to break it down like this:

It is reported that women describe clitoral orgasms as something centered or hyper-focused on the body part involved – making it more intense and satisfying but rather short-lived. As compared to vagina orgasm, which is reported to be stronger and more long-lasting because it involves the entire body in the journey to ecstasy.

Where is the G spot & A Spot?

Given that vagina orgasm involves penetration, it means that the focal point of stimulation is on the g-spot and a-spot.

But…what are they?

According to Planned Parenthood, the Gräfenberg spot or the G-spot is a highly sensitive, rather swollen spot located a few inches inside the vagina. Meanwhile, the A-spot is defined by Masterclass, as an erogenous zone that is located between the front vaginal wall and the cervix. To get a better idea of their positions, the a-spot is located a bit further in than the g-spot – making their positions a great opportunity for sexual exploration!

Vaginal Orgasm Techniques

Now that the anatomy lesson is out of the way, allow us and Flo Health to run down 8 tips to have an amazing vagina orgasm:


We don't care if we sound like a broken record, foreplay is essential in smoothly transitioning your state of self from calm to horny (yes, we said it!).

It is also important to help your body traverse half way through the road to orgasm. Let's put it this way, if you skip the foreplay, it will take you longer to orgasm as opposed to warming yourself up and bringing all of your senses at a height.

This height acts like a match, with the right trigger, it will light up in flame – sexy flames.

So the next time you feel lazy to do it, here is your gentle wake up call not to!

Clitoral Stimulation

Yes, even if we're focusing on the vagina, you can still seek help from the clit to help you reach that famed height and make it easier and less painful to reach orgasm.

You can keep this simple by using your fingers in a circular motion or use a toy like bullet vibrators or finger vibrators to shake their world.


You'll be surprised to know that this is an underrated aspect of sex. A lot of people just want to get down and dirty already and forget about the benefits to communicating before, during and after sex and that is: knowing what each other wants, how it needs to be done, and what more could be done together. In a more casual tone, dirty talk definitely goes a long way in foreplay so don't be scared of voicing every little thing you would want to do with your partner.


In line with communication is tempo because if you two took the time to be honest and make known what makes you feel good then establishing a fast or slow pace that the both of you like could come true in a snap. That applies to everything whether that's a blow-job, eating it out, stimulating the erogenous zones and penetration.

But remember just because you have established a tempo doesn't mean it's going to be like that. The beauty of establishing tempo through communication is that you can try going fast and hard one day, and slow and soft on another. It definitely inspires creativity in the bedroom!


We can't forget about this! Lube is important to prevent skin burn or pain during sex because it lubricates the surface and makes it easy for a penis or a toy to enter the vagina and do their thing!

So, go buy lube – lots of it! Trust us, you'll appreciate sex more if there is no pain.

Unless you're participating in BDSM, that is a different story for next time!

Orgasm before Sex

Now, this is new – even for us. But essentially, you need to have an orgasm before aiming for the actual vagina orgasm because according to the same article: "An orgasm prior to sex helps them feel primed for another orgasm and deepens the sensations they experience."

Best Sex Positions for Vagina Orgasm

Once you've mastered your techniques, it's time to apply them to various sex positions that are perfect to achieve vagina orgasm with!

Take it from us and SheKnows, these are tried, tested and true:


G-Whiz PositionWe're starting off strong with a position that requires you lying down on your back and your partner lifting your legs up and resting them on their shoulders. Your hips are suspended in the air, giving you the opportunity to trust your partner to do all the dirty work, and giving your partner the chance to use their penis to reach your g-spot or a-spot for stimulation. 

Pro-tip: Use a bullet vibrator or wand vibrator like the POMI WAND to stimulate the clit for blended orgasm.


Whirl PositionThis position requires a bit more strength and balance unlike the last one. The whirl takes on the shape of the helicopter wings on a spin because your partner is seated with their feet planted on the floor while you sit on their lap and lean back at more or less, a 45-degree angle. To make sure no one flies off and hurts themselves, don't forget to hold hands and use both of your upper body strength to establish stability even when your partner is grinding or thrusting their way inside of you.

Closed for Business

Closed Position

This position uses the mouth instead of a penis which is refreshing and perfect for couples who may not be in the mood for penetration. Plus, it's simple to do – just lay back on the bed and let your partner's talented mouth and tongue lick, bite and suck their way around and in your vagina. There's going to be a ton of tongue-action there so expect a river of saliva by the time your partner's done with you. 

Pro-tip: Use the SCIONESS licking and sucking vibrator for added sensation.


Drop-Box Position

Last but not the least, let's end with a banger – the Drop Box. This is similar to the Whiz but the difference is that you're lying down on the edge of the bed while your partner penetrates you ala-missionary style. This is perfect for the ones who want the thrill but are not ready to go all out. It's also suitable for couples who want to use a couple's play toy, such as the LE COUPLET, and focus on using the toy in conjunction with their thrusts.


We can't get enough of vagina orgasms so together with Prevention, we're giving you more pro-tips to get the best out of this sweet orgasm:

  • Keep 'em Guessing - Don't put all of your cards down in one go and allow your partner to steep in anticipation for what you're about to do next. It builds intrigue and impatience so you'll have your partner begging in no time.
  • Don't be Afraid to Repeat - Because if it's good then why not have more of it? It could be anything to how fast or slow you penetrate or how intense you set your toy!
  • All about the Circle - Because this motion isn't sharp with its direction, and also allows you to build pressure without shocking your partner in a bad way!

Types of female orgasm

Even if we talk so greatly about the vagina orgasm, there's so many other types that you can experiment with at your own time and preference. With Health, here they are:

  • Clitoral Orgasm - This is a type of orgasm that you get by stimulating the clit through fingers or toys
  • G-Spot Orgasm - Involves the penetration and stimulation of the g-spot located a few inches inside the vagina
  • Anal Orgasm - Has you achieving orgasm by stimulating the inner and outer areas of the anus with your hands or toys
  • Nipple Orgasm - Could be used for foreplay or in the thick of sex and mainly has you or your partner stimulating your nipples
  • Blended Orgasm - Is what happens when two erogenous zones are simultaneously stimulated to lead you into a stronger release
  • Multiple Orgasm - Is the event where women or people with vaginas orgasm more than once
  • Squirting Orgasm - This is a type of orgasm where the release consists of a much clearer liquid unlike the type that comes out of a regular orgasm and usually happens after that first release
  • Coregasm - Is the orgasm that comes from the intense tension and release from exercising
  • Sleep Orgasm - This is the type of orgasm that comes from having a wet dream


Before we let you go, allow us and Healthline to give you a few more reminders when participating in vagina orgasm:

  • If you've never orgasmed before, that's okay! Relieve yourself of the pressure to be perfect and allow yourself to:
    • Get comfy in your choice of location
    • Try reading or watching erotic stories or films
    • Begin with simple massages all over your erogenous zones like the neck, chest, nipples, waist, belly, thighs or ass
    • Then you can go ahead and try massaging your clitoris to warm your up for the real-deal
    • Once you've gotten used to the feel, then you can increase the pace and intensity
    • If you haven't orgasmed after several attempts, please don't hesitate to see a doctor and attain personalized advice to help you move forward in your orgasm-seeking journey
    • Have fun! Don't mind what other people say when it comes to sex. Do what makes you feel good!


There you have it! An in-depth guide on vagina orgasms: what they are, if they exist, if it can be done and how it can be done through tried and tested techniques and sex positions. We hope that this rids some of the stigma surrounding sex and empower you to own your pleasure! Let us know if you've tried it and tell us the story in the comments!

Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.