Sex is an incredible way to connect with someone and if you’re looking to push the limits with your pleasure, introducing sex toys is a great way to up the ante.

If you’re looking to introduce sex toys into your life, check out Honey Play Box’s guide below for some sex position and sex toy recommendations to elevate your bedroom sex game.


Oral sex with a hitachi wand vibrator

For female-bodied people, a vibrator against the clitoris can feel incredible. The Hummingbird Magic Wand Vibrator is a classic hitachi vibrator perfect for beginners. The body-safe silicone design and small size makes it a great toy to easily incorporate into sexual activity without much fuss.  

Your partner can still offer oral sex around the vulva (which is super sensitive during arousal) or finger your G-spot as the vibrator is being used. Since the clitoris is sensitive, try teasing the orgasm by edging–as soon as they’re about to climax, let up on pressure, restart the cycle and push them to the edge, then stop. It can produce earth-shattering orgasms.

For male-bodied people, try using the same vibrator on the frenulum of the penis, the bottom side of the penis, or below the testicles. If you’re placing the sex toy on the gentials for a decent amount of time, ask if your partner would like to add some lubrication to avoid irritating the skin. 


Anal sex with anal toy

For female-bodied people very into anal play, a butt plug that doubles up as a toy with a vibrating feature is an essential addition to the boudoir. The Kingsley Butt Plug & Vibrating Anal Toy has a spiral design to stimulate the perineum to trigger full body orgasms. When penetrating, use the remote control feature to play with the intensity of the feel.


For male-bodied people using the toy, start slow with a lot of lube. Sex should feel mentally and physically relaxing and you don’t clench up and feel additional pain. As your partner is playing with the sex toy, the trick is to feel like you can glide in and out with as little discomfort as possible. To find the male equivalent to the G-spot, the prostrate, it’ll be towards the front of the body in a walnut-sized lump 4 inches or so into the butt. The more aroused you are, the harder it gets so it’s easier to find. Tip: Use a condom on the toy so it’s easier to clean up afterwards!


Prone bone sex position + bullet vibrator + cock ring

A classic doggy style position, people of all sexes can enjoy this sex position. The receiving partner lays down on the bed with their face down, back arched, and butt up in the air as the partner penetrates from behind. Play around with angles by adding a pillow underneath for maximum thrusting potential. Great position to add in a Black Rider Cock Ring.


To get the most use out of the prone bone, use the Mua Bullet Vibrator for a convenient sex toy to use anally or on your clitoris for extra sensations. The slim vibrator has a compact design to easily fit into your hand without it feeling heavy and comes with an extra licking sleeve to get your pulse racing. Adding lube will add a more life-like feeling to the sensation.


Anything goes with a strap on

Incorporating a strap-on into the bedroom is a novel way to play around with domination/submission dynamics and prolong the joy of sex. The Rami Harness Strap-on Dildo is made out of a safe lifelike silicone, 8 inches long, and comes equipped with adjustable straps. Suitable for all body types, sexes, the strap-on is a good item for beginners. Try out the missionary or doggy style with the toy and enjoy the new perspective.


Looking to dive into the basic sex positions and pair them up with highly recommend sex toys? Honey Play Box has you covered. Check out out Instagram post here for an upgrade on the classic sex positions. Enjoy!

About Writer:
Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen is a sex, relationships & dating writer. She’s particularly interested in de-stigmatizing shameful messages in sexuality by centering pleasure and liberation in her writing.