5 Must-try Sex Positions

Position #1 Basic doggy Style

Basic doggy Style

The doggy style is a position widely used by people today; this position consists of the person kneeling on a soft or hard surface and bending over (has to be on all four or laying partially / entirely down); the other person has to approach from behind. This position allows both partners to decide on the movements' and thrust's strength, speed, and frequency. It is also very comfortable because you can reach deeper and faster. Frankly, it gives a lot of pleasure.

Advantages: excellent mobility, elasticity, and comfort when giving and receiving. You can use toys to enhance the experience with your partner. Always talk and get consent before using any toy on other people

Disadvantages: It can cause slight pain when maintaining the position.

Pro-tip: Use a condom every time you switch between holes.


Position #2 The 69th (basic)


You can start having fun with oral sex in the perfect position. 69 has many variants, but today we will discuss one of the basics. To perform this position, one person must lie on the bed, and the other must be on top in the opposite direction. That way, each other's head is between their legs and genitals. 69th allows the couple to have more intimacy and experience a wild adventure while pleasuring each other

Advantages: Super easy to perform oral sex in the couple, allows the implementation of sex toys. Always talk and get consent before using any toy on other people

Disadvantages: Being a position with specific requirements, it won't allow much more than oral sex and some foreplay.

Pro-tip: The 69th has many ways to be performed; try several until you find the most comfortable for both


Position #3 Face to Face

Face to Face

An ideal position for romantic couples. There are no limits in what way one will be having sex: standing, sitting, or kneeling – the most important thing is to look into the eyes of the chosen woman because the way you look at her will show all your feelings. The primary condition for face-to-face sex positions presupposes that the partners have to face each other. This position allows the couple to see each other's reactions, kiss, and have that intimacy and complicity, showing all their feelings to each other. A dramatic, playful, and slightly thrilling glance of a partner makes your body flutter with ecstasy

Advantages: it allows a lot of freedom and play around, and it receives romanticism with open arms since kisses, caresses, and more can be given in the act.

 Disadvantages: It is a somewhat limited position in the sense of penetration. It is more focused on the romantic act.


Position #4 Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower is a dynamic position for couples eager to let their desires flow. It requires one partner to sit with their legs crossed; the other partner sits on the first partner's legs and cuddles with their thighs tight to their partner's chest, throwing their legs right on their shoulders. The position allows for romantic and passionate play since, when facing each other, penetration and passionately kissing can be carried out simultaneously. Thus, forming the shape of a lotus flower.

Advantages: it is a very intimate position; it allows deeper penetration and both partners to have a romantic and fun encounter.

Disadvantages: it can be tiring for the person whose legs are up, and it could be hard to perform.

Pro-tip: Try to have fun while doing this position and kiss and caress while facing each other.

Position #5 The Missionary

The Missionary

According to the church, the quintessential pose, even permitted by God, is usually one of the most used by people. In this position, the person receiving must lie on the bed and spread their legs; the partner will position between the thighs with his legs on the sides, caressing and kissing enhance this position.

Advantages: it allows a great penetration and has many variants.

Disadvantages: it can cause pain in some men due to the position of the penis, and it can be tiring on the legs of both people.

Pro-tip: this is a great sex position to start, but try to spice things up by kissing your partner on their neck and lips and telling them how beautiful they are and how much they turn you on.