The Perfect Blend: Elda G-Spot Vibrator and Rubbing Clit Stimulator Review

Elda G-Spot Vibrator

You won't forget the experience of a good salted caramel milkshake on a hot summer day. It's sweet but has that salty kick that becomes a lasting memory on your tongue. Not to mention that sweaty feeling you get from the sun serves as the season's cherry on top.

It's mind-blowing – a feeling you wish you could feel all over.

Even when it comes to sex.

Sweat and sweet. Sweet and sweat. One can't exist without the other. The perfect blend of these is one that you won't ever forget.

Where can you find this perfect mix, you may ask? In the Elda, of course! This might be one of the best products from Honey Play Box and that's because this hybrid combines two amazing things: a g-spot vibrator and clit stimulator! It's dual-purpose and hits all the right spots.

I know what you're thinking: "It can't be done!"

You underestimate the power of this orgasmic rabbit vibrator! Let me show you why!

Product Description

Think of the Elda as a milkshake – at the base is a curved body that is made to fill you up, a head that's soft and sweet like the marshmallows on top and the clitoral stimulator is like a cherry that is unexpected but such a welcome addition to your unique drink.

But those are just the basics, this clit stimulator is designed to be supple and elastic so it is capable of caressing you like a lover, its bend is made to mimic a finger to give you the closest feeling to a human touch, seven tapping and vibrating patterns that make you go “Mmm” with every move, it's made waterproof and with body-safe silicone so you can take it anywhere you like, and finally, it has a powerful tapping movement to make you see stars.

This g-spot and clit vibrator may look too much, but it exists to give you the best blended orgasm ever known.

Kind of like that salted caramel milkshake, right?

The truth is: Simplicity is cool, but complexity with purpose is cooler.

That's a fact I learned when I had the opportunity to try Elda in the privacy of my own home and not to jump the gun here, but it's one of the best treats I've ever had!

So if you want to go on a tasty excursion around your most intimate parts, then Elda is the perfect companion for the journey.

How to Use

elda honey sex toy

With Elda being a beautifully complex Honey sex toy, its controls are fairly simple.

On its handle are two buttons with each one dedicated to vibrator and the clit stimulator, so it gives you the freedom to explore every setting at your own pace and even decide on what you want to try first.

But if you were in my shoes and it's your first time having the Elda in your hand then you can start off by getting acquainted with the vibrator first. It's a more common toy than the clit stimulator and easier to use because you only need to lube it up and carefully insert it inside. A word to the wise, since this toy has an attachment, the vibrator won't go all in – but that's where it's head comes into play because you will notice that it's slightly larger in size. That's made on purpose so it can reach your g-spot without much hardship. Have a play with this, let it mold against the muscles of your vaginal canal or let it sit comfortably inside until you get used to its presence.

On the other hand, the clit stimulator needs a bit more caution because admittedly, women also take a while to get fully connected with how their clit likes to be touched. So before you put this anywhere near that bundle of nerves, make sure to discover what your clit likes through your fingers. Maybe by then, you're ready to recreate that with the clit stimulator by pressing it right against the love bud and starting it off with its lowest setting before working your way up.

Once you've become besties with the two of them is when you can introduce a new friend: a tapping feature!

From the word itself, the tapping feature allows the vibrator to move very similarly to a human finger flicking its way inside of you. The only difference is that every tap is designed with accuracy in mind so you no longer have to wonder if this will miss your spot…because it won't.

This can be the last thing for you to try since it does require total trust in what the Elda can do and all you'll have to focus on is feeling yourself reach orgasm.

Remember that in any toy, slow and steady wins the race so don't pressure yourself into trying everything at once.

My Experience

elda best rabbit vibrator

I've sprinkled in some of my personal sentiments about the Elda but what I will say, in full confidence, is that this is the best rabbit vibrator ever! From the design to the performance, I was left with all smiles and imagination running wild! I honestly can't wait to use it more and ogle at its pretty pink color.

More than that, it's allowed me to take away that fear that my body can only do so much. More specifically, I never thought I could do a blended orgasm until Elda changed my mind.

If there's anything that you'll take away from this review, apart from its stunning features, this tapping g-spot rabbit vibrator makes you feel more confident in yourself.


If you're reading this, get in on the tastiest toy of the season and try out the Elda! I assure you that you'll have a great time creating vibrant memories that you can return to every now and then. Don't forget to share your story in the comments because I'd like to know your experience of this pretty little thing too!

Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.