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It was Valentine's Day and THIS happened… she decided to get a last-minute gift for him. Guess what she got for him?
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open marriage

what it’s like to have an open marriage? Have you ever wanted to try an open relationship? Will open marriage save your relationship?     

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The First Time

He reached up and stroked her breasts, feeling her nipples over her thin lace bra. She started to moan as he touched her, she’d never felt like this before.

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rough sex, tender love
  I needed an escape. I worked in doc review for a law firm. The space was absolutely crowded. No windows, the na...
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couples story
Ramona had butterflies in her stomach this morning. She had been dreading this day for the past four weeks. She loo...
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bdsm love
My husband and I have been playing the game for only a month, but I already can’t imagine my life without it. Bef...
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Encounter in the Gym
There was no way around it: I was out of shape. For years, I had tried denying that fact. I would ignore the fact ...
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so long
I was so tired after a long day, sometimes I feel like my boss won’t leave me alone just for the sake of being pe...
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sex story
Monday. Tuesday. Thursday. And Friday. Four times a week, I eat leftovers for lunch. I pack Tupperware and a l...
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love story
I was standing in front of the door to my dorm room when the question hit me:   What if we don’t get along?   T...
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My Vibrator
Infertility doesn't let you have any secrets. In fact, the first time I felt my entire sex life exposed was at my OBGYN appointment to discuss why I hadn't gotten pregnant after being off birth control for a year.
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I Slept with 100 People
Each new lover was a new land that begged to be touched, explored, and understood.
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