The Ultimate Rose Toy Reviews and Recommendations

In the 1960s, women had the Magic Wand known as the “little black dress” of vibrators. The classic vibrator was timeless, satisfying, and consistent, but times are a-changin. Now in 2022, we may have finally found the modern-day equivalent: the rose toy. Dubbed as the “soul snatcher,” vulva owners everywhere (or at least all over TikTok) are raving over the flower-shaped sex toy and its ability to tease out explosive orgasms.

The famed rose toy has become so acclaimed that many users and sexologists are saying it’s one of the best they’ve tried – ever.

But what makes this toy so good? For starters, it’s a pleasure air toy, a vibrator, and a clit sucker all in one. All of these features add itself up into a neat little clitoral stimulator powerhouse made to target the nerve-rich nub. The pea-shaped nub is analogous to the glans of the penis, so once the area is stimulated, it’s super, super pleasurable.

Aesthetically, it just looks cute for your boudoir too. The toy is designed to look like a stemless rose with petals wrapping around the base. The middle is up to you and your preference. It could feature a hole to suck or a bulb to tongue your clitoris. 

It’s one thing to read about the rose toy and it’s another thing to try it. To help you figure out the best rose toy, we’ve rounded up the top three sex toys based on your reviews and features.

Check out Honey Play Box’s most recommended picks below. 


Fiona - Clit Licking Rose Toy & Vibrating Egg



The quintessential rose sex toy is the Fiona. Colored in a pretty red shade, the rose toy clit licker comes with a vibrating egg for a blended orgasm. The bud located at the center of the toy provides 7 modes for whisper-quiet vibrations to intense vibes. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and made out of a skin-friendly, body-safe silicone so it feels smooth on your skin. 

The Fiona has a rope design which can fold into a small 3.54” to easily slip into a handbag for any and all discreet encounters. Customers note the Fiona as a must-have solo or couples sex toy.

Many reviewers note its ability to provide mind-blowing play with its multi-function settings. 

Take it from this reviewer: “I bought this because I was originally looking for the clit sucking rose that everybody raves about, but then I came across this and it looked very interesting and fun... read some reviews and decided okay I’ll go with this one. I have many vibrators but nothing compares to this one! I am fully convinced I could throw away all my other ones and be completely satisfied with this one. I’ve used it three times and each time is amazing. I recommend it! Just do it, you know you want to.”


Fiona Plus - Rose Clit Licking Stimulator & Thrusting Egg


The Fiona Plus shows us that when something is good, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just keep it exactly as it is and improve it where it matters. It has all the bells and whistles of the Fiona toy described above, plus a little extra. The upgraded version of the Fiona is all about dual stimulation for double the delight. The bullet egg still has a vibrating function but it takes it up a notch for the orgasm of your dreams.

The G-spot egg is now enhanced with an intense thrusting setting for internal stimulation so it feels like real penetration.

To accompany the egg, the rose shaped flower acts as a clit licker with the flickering bud functioning as a tongue.

Use it over your nipples, clitoris, or anus for incredible sensation. The Fiona Plus roy toy is made with body-safe silicone and outfitted in a waterproof design for play wherever you want it. The eco-friendly toy doesn’t need any batteries, it’s rechargeable and super convenient to use. 

One customer says it’s so good that it’s replaced all of their other sex toys. “If you’re still not sure you want to try it out, check out this review: I thought I was fully prepared for this little guy, but, honey, until it entered me, all I can say is OMG! It had me screaming in my apartment like I had a man in here rocking my world!”


Dora - Rose Toy Clit Vibrator and Tongue Licker


Let the Dora Sex Toy explore your world. Outfitted with a little tail for the cute factor, the Dora rose toy has a slightly curved handle for an easy hold with a smooth tongue licker. The double-ended vibrator provides internal pleasure with an external, high-quality silicone head for a skin-like feeling when you press it up against your most sensitive body parts. 

The toy is packed with 10 different tongue licking modes and 10 rumbley earthquake vibration modes for your chillest to naughtiest moods.

From a teasing kissing motion to a furious licking action, the tongue is flexible and soft for your pleasure. 

Once charged, it can go for half an hour to an hour and a half. One of its many five-star reviewers point out the Dora and its ability to give orgasms: “This rose is a soul-snatcher.

If you're going to use it, just call yourself "super soaker" please, because it's going to make you SQUIRTING, DRIPPING, SOAKING – all things might be possible. I attempted high and I'm not ready for that level although I can handle toys VERY well!”




And there you have it. These rose sex toys are the most highly ranked, recommended, and reviewed on our site. If you’re curious about the rose toy, give the Fiona, the Fiona Plus, or the Dora a spin to see what the buzz is all about. Want us to cover another sex toy or provide another roundup of the most popular sex toys on our Sex Education blog next? Write a comment below to let Honey Play Box know what we should cover next! If you’re not sure what to get next, write to our live chat for personalized product recommendations. 



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