WARRIOR: Hands-free Thrusting Stroker Automatic Masturbator Review

A no BS review of the Honey Play Box Warrior Automatic Masturbator.

Honey Play Box Warrior Automatic Masturbator

Quick Overview

✅ Hands-free

✅ 3 hours runtime

✅ Whisper-quiet

✅ Charges for 2 hours

✅ Soft interior gripping beads

✅ Patented disassembly technology

✅ 7 different thrusting & rotating patterns


Check out Warrior Hands-free Thrusting Masturbator.


Your run-of-the-mill masturbator can get the job done, however, the Warrior hands-free thrusting stroker automatic masturbator will go the extra mile and offer you customizable features that most men prefer. It is truly a master at giving your D a magical experience. It will absolutely blow your dick, I mean, your mind.

As a man sometimes you don’t always have a human partner to help you shoot off your soldiers into her coochie. This then calls for finding other ways to jerk off, and automatic masturbators could be the answer.

That's the answer

These come in a wide variety, from manual ones to automatic hands-free masturbators. Regardless of how flooded the market is with tons of options for male solo sex sessions, Honey Play Box’s hands-free thrusting stroker automatic masturbator just seems to top the list. It actually gets the job done and offers more than other manual masturbators.

The worst part is having your arm tired before you shoot off your load, which can be a bummer. However, unlike your arm, the Warrior hands-free masturbator from Honey Play Box has the ability to keep thrusting and stroking your dick, until you reach that butt-clenching orgasm and you offload.

It comes in 100% discreet packaging and billing, so don’t worry nobody will know, not even your nosy neighbor. Better still, because Honey Play Box has the confidence that this hands-free masturbator will stroke your nuts dry, you get a 1-year warranty.

Seriously though, this thing will leave you trembling and moaning after it’s done with you. You’ll never want to not have it around.

Before we dive deeper into more about what this thrusting and stroking hands-free masturbator offers, let’s check out some benefits and advantages of a hands-free automatic masturbator.

Benefits of A Hands-free Automatic Masturbator

Hands-free Automatic Masturbator

Benefit 1: Hands-free

Male masturbating toys like the thrusting and stroking automatic masturbator from Honey Play Box, allow your hands the freedom to multitask and explore other pleasurable sensations through touch.

For example, you can touch other body parts that can make you even more aroused, or hold on to something as the intensity builds up just before you blow off.

You can also enjoy longer sessions without tiring your arms like you would when you personally beat your meat.


Benefit 2: Variety of Movements and Stroking

With masturbators like the Warrior hands-free thrusting stroker automatic masturbator, you can get some crazy unique movements and stroking motions that your hands can’t achieve.

Whether you like it fast like a Ferrari or slow like a snail, automatic masturbators can give it all.


Benefit 3: Increased Endurance

Automatic hands-free masturbators can be a practice ground or warm-up for the big session with your human partner. Its intense stroking, teasing, and unique movements will definitely make you bust a nut in no time.

Therefore practicing to hold your nut for longer under these delicious intense strokes and thrusting, might just improve your ability to delay cumming.

Now let’s look more into the Warrior hands-free thrusting stroker automatic masturbator.


Warrior Hands-free Thrusting Stroker Automatic Masturbator

sex toys

What Does It Do for You?

✅ Thrusts

✅ Rotates

✅ Caresses

✅ Helps you jerk off hard and intense

As mentioned before, Warrior is a hands-free stroking and thrusting automatic masturbator. You can consider it more like your jerk mate.

Warrior moves, thrusts, and rotates at different speeds.

In short, this product can stroke and thrust your cock until you crow.

With its unique movement and powerful rotation at incredible speeds, you are guaranteed to release that manhood juice in no time. At least that’s according to the experience of many.

Soft but Powerful Caressing

insane rubbing sensation

The soft and tender gripping beads inside will give you an out-of-body experience. These girls will grip you nice and tight, and satisfy your needs until you intensely let off your load.

When you insert your dick in this baby, whoa man you enter a whole other world I can’t even describe. You just need to get your hands on this thing and you will tell the others.


7 Thrusting & Stroking Patterns

7 Thrusting & Stroking Patterns

Whether you’re the “I like it fast" kind of guy or even if you like it slow, these seven different patterns will be at your service.

All seven patterns can be experimented with and then you can decide what feels best for you.


Appearance & Materials

Appearance & Materials


✅ Durable ABS and POM plastics

✅ Soft and safe silicone

✅ Sleek and modern

✅ Masculine

✅ In black

Right from the jump, the overall design and color are not only pleasing to the eye but also pleasing to your manhood.

The dominant color is black, which gives off a masculine vibe, which fits perfectly with its name, Warrior. Another awesome part of this product is that it is not easy to tell what it actually is, especially from a distance.

Therefore in the event that you accidentally leave it exposed to other eyes, you may be saved some embarrassment or awkwardness if other people see it.

The materials used to make this product include ABS, POM, TPE, and silicone. These materials make a perfect combination for maximum comfort, sleek aesthetics, and durability.

With how sleek and masculine this product looks, when you’re not getting your meat beat by this thing, you could actually use it as a small bedroom decorative item.


Patented Disassembly Technology


Patented Disassembly Technology


Most people have used tissues, socks, and other weird things to catch ejaculates when masturbating. We don’t want to imagine what those other weird things are.

Well, the good news is with Warrior you don’t need to use any of these dated and inconvenient methods to catch your nut during a solo session.

Honey Play Box developed a patented disassembly technology to make life easier, and let you focus on jerking off.

The transparent sleeve inside the cup is super easy and quick to remove and clean. This definitely makes cumming a whole lot easier and cleaner.


Weight and Dimensions

Weight and Dimensions


✅ Not so heavy

✅ Nice size

✅ Easy to carry around


In terms of dimensions, Warrior weighs just about 800g and the width and length are 3.70"*10.90". Not so heavy in my opinion and easy to carry around.

Whether you’re taking a solo trip or a business trip for days, you can easily slide this product into your luggage and not really feel the difference in weight.




The conclusion is that this is a phenomenal product when compared to the other options on the market today.

From design to its functionality and specs, it easily scores a good 4.9 stars.

As much as there are other options out there, Warrior does the job exceptionally well. Some improvements to consider for this product would be color variety. Other than that, this baby is the one!