This history of sex toys goes back millennia. Wherever there is sex, there will be sex toys in various forms.

From (a 28,000-year-old stone phallus) speculated to have been used as a sex toy (found in Hohle Fels Cave, Germany by archaeologists), the legend of Queen Cleopatra using the vibrations of bees in a round ornament as a sex toy, to early vibrators and "pelvic massages" being used to relieve women's "hysteria" in the Victorian era, sex toys have been around since the beginning of humankind. 

Things have changed quite a bit since the Prehistoric and Ancient Egyptian days. Now, there are multiple companies that manufacture and distribute sex toys, primarily aimed at female pleasure (more male and LGBTQ+ aware sex toys are gaining more awareness) and emphasis on body-safe materials. 

So here's the big question: Just how many women own sex toys?

The answer is a lot more nuanced than you might think. When discussing how many women own sex toys, we must consider one's country and different cultures, which will ultimately shape the social attitudes towards sex, gender and everything to do with the two.

 The sex toy industry has exploded in the last couple of decades and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Estimates report the sex toy industry will be worth approximately $57.2 billion by 2026.


Pomi Wand- Clitoral Wand Vibrator

According to recent surveys, as many as 82% of US women in 2022 own some kind of sex toy, with growing numbers of women and men reporting owning sex toys in recent years. 

According to a 2009 paper, Journal of Sexual Medicine (featured in Psychology Today) by Debra Herbenick, 2,056 women aged 18-60 were surveyed. In this paper, several studies were cited where statistics vary wildly in how many women own sex toys. However, key findings showed that in Herbenick's sample group, 52.5% of US women have reported having used a sex toy at least once, with 83.8% using vibrators specifically for clitoral stimulation and 64% for penetration.

These instances varied from solo masturbation, with a partner during sex, or with a partner during foreplay. As well, women who showed greater religious observance were more likely to report less use, or never having used a sex toy. 

So with different studies giving wildly different numbers, it's impossible to cite just one. But a common theme in studies is the more recent the year, the more likely people are to open up about using sex toys. 

According to Bustle in 2018, in a survey conducted by sex toy retailer Lovehoney of over 11,000 women, 70% of US women own at least one dildo. In addition, they reported 71% of women aged 40+ owned a dildo, compared to 68% of women aged 18-30. They also reported that Iowa was the #1 state for the most dildo ownership at 42.3% of Iowans. New Jersey, Maryland and Indiana also made the top ten, with North Carolina coming in at #5 with 36.5%, and California at #10 with 33.5%.


As I mentioned before, statistics vary depending on the study, and sample group numbers among a myriad of other factors. One of them is, of course, country. When comparing statistics of sex toy ownership in women, women in Europe are more likely to own sex toys than women in the USA. 

According to Vouchercloud, Denmark is the leading European country in searches for sex toys online (studied by general sex toys i.e. vibrator, dildo, cock ring etc.), with Sweden and the UK taking second and third place respectively. Since Denmark and Sweden are known to be more liberal in sexual attitudes, this is hardly surprising. 

However, as attitudes continue to change towards sex i.e. resources on social media reaching a wider audience, growth in sex positivity, more arguments for comprehensive sex education and a boom in Erotic Fiction since the early 2010s, more people are becoming open-minded to sex toys and in turn, buying and using them. In learning more about sex and wanting to explore one's sexuality, a rise in sex toy sales can follow. 


Within the sex toy market, there have been holy-grail products and buzzwords throughout the years. Rabbit, Womanizer, Hitachi etc. From the transparent pink plastic toys in the hidden, back alley sex shop, to the body-safe silicone smart vibrators controlled by apps, the market has especially boomed in the last 30 years. As technology advances, so do sex toys. 

Especially with tighter safety regulations and awareness around good-quality products in recent years, customers want the best from the companies they purchase from. With that, comes variety. With a plethora of sexual interests, tastes and kinks, there is a product to cater for everyone, from rechargeable vibrators to riding crops to dildos.  


If you're new to sex toys and don't know where to start: welcome! As you can see, there's a whole variety of sex toys to choose from. Exploring your sexuality is fun and what's most important is finding what works for you. What gives one pleasure won't work for another. Pleasure is subjective and unique to every person. So think about what you'd like to explore, what makes you feel good.

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Your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. If you like dildos? Fantastic. A clitoral suction vibrator? Go for it. Do you like getting pegged? That's great! Everyone's sexuality is unique to them. If you're a consenting adult, either single or with another consenting adult(s), explore, play safely and have fun!

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Violet Grey (she/her) is a UK based sex blogger and erotica writer. Her blog, Becoming Violet Grey entails erotic fiction (from erotic romance to BDSM fiction) IRL sex stories and personal essays. Her essays include exploring kink and BDSM, sex in society, life as an LGBTQ+ person and exploring her faith. She supports comprehensive sex education and sex positivity, supporting breaking down stigma and shame around sexuality. In her spare time, Violet enjoys reading, knitting (she finally mastered the purl stitch!) studying different faiths and cultures and films. And of course, being British, a good cup of tea!