Can You 3D Print Sex Toys?

Can You 3D Print Sex Toys

It's one thing to purchase sex toys. To create your own might be another. With 3D printers giving people the ability to create a ton of things, can it be possible for sex toys?

This guide will discuss whether 3D printing sex toys is possible. We'll also expand how it can also help with the creation process of other toys you might have in mind. This is perfect for the DIY person who also wants to put some of their creative ideas in the bedroom to the test.

Let's get started by answering this question and expanding on it.

Can you really create sex toys using a 3D printer?

The short answer: yes. The longer answer is you can but with caveats. You probably shouldn't be using 3D printed sex toys.

We may be contradicting our answer here. So allow us to explain. You can't use a sex toy directly from the printer.

This is due to safety reasons. The materials and nozzles are not body safe to begin with. Even if that were the case, the layer lines would be riddled with bacteria.

However, there is a better way to create sex toys while using a 3D printer. Keep reading to find out what that is.

So where exactly does a 3D printer fit in?

So you know about the bad news about sex toys being directly used from the printer. Yet, there is good news. You can use the models as a master mold for these toys.

From there, you can create toys using cast silicone. All you need is the material and you can go from there. Now, keep in mind that the process will be similar as if using sex toys directly from the printer was actually a safer option.

Let's continue with the help of easy to follow instructions for creating your sex toys using a 3D printed master mold.

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1. Design the toy

The design process obviously starts with the idea in your mind. You can draw it out in different designs and variations. You can use as many design ideas as you like.

If you already have sex toys, you may want to consider the dimensions. This will give you a good idea of what sizes to create using those designs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the intent and purpose. There are different designs to consider for the type of toy you're creating. For example, if the toy is used for anal purposes, it may require a certain type of design like a flared base.

The last thing you want to do is lose it when it's…well, inside you.

2. Modeling it in 3D

After you have a design completed, it's time to model it in 3D. There are several different programs to work with at this stage. However, one of our best recommendations for design software is Blender.

It's an open-source software and it's free to use. It also gives you the ability to create all kinds of cool stuff. Yes, that includes designing your own sex toy molds.

From here, spend time on Blender with designing your ideal sex toy. Just a warning, it's quite fun to use if you're the creative type. You might spend hours playing around with it.

If you want to create sex toy molds, use Blender for modeling it all in 3D.

3. From model to mold

Now is the time to 3D print your toy. Set the details to high, layer height to as low as you can and print it. Setting the layer height to very low means you will have less sanding to do. And you don't want to do a lot of sanding. Nobody does.

Once your toy is fresh from the 3D printer, it is time to sand it.Roll up your sleeves and start sanding.

My recommendation is to start with the 200 sanding paper and work your way up all the way too 2000 grit. The key here is to do a thorough and meticulous job. You are now creating a master toy from which you will be able to make a million molds if necessary. It is worth investing time in this step.

Once you finished that, it is time you cover the master toy in paint. Use basic black enamel Rustoleum and give it a couple of layers. But do not go crazy.

The trick is to apply a very thin active layer and come back in 30 minutes to continue applying spray paint. This will prevent drips as the new paint will stick to the active layer.

Now that you finished this step, let you master toy fully cure - which lasts for about two weeks.

4. Design and print the mold case

This next part is self-explanatory. You will need to design and print the mold case. Make sure there is at least 1 cm of empty space around the toy. And also make sure the mold case is at least 1 cm higher than the master toy model.

You may need to determine the best appropriate large layer height and thickness. A layer height of 0.25 and 2 mm wall thickness should be more than enough.

5. Cast the mold

Place your now fully cured master toy on the piece of cardboard and glue it. Place mold case around and glue it to the cardboard. Make sure to center the toy so there is an even amount of space around it. Now cast the silicone around and above your toy. Let it cure.

Once it is cure, cut the mold case apart and carefully take out the master toy out from the newly made mold. Be careful not to damage the master toy - it is very important to you.

6. Cast with silicone

Now is the time to cast the toy - finally!  It may be a good idea to use a vacuum degasser during this process in case you need to remove surface bubbles.

Also, do not forget to use mold release spray on the mold in order to prevent silicone from the mold and silicone for the toy bonding together.

Measure the silicone into two disposable cups. Mix the colors you're using into one of the cups. Stir in slowly to reduce creation of air bubbles. Then, pour both cups into a new disposable cup and mix thoroughly. After this, add it into the mold. The slower your pour it, the less likely bubbles will be created.

After the silicone has been cured, your toy is finished. It is time now to pull it out. Depending on the shape, it might not as easy. Pour some soap in between the toy and the mold. It will help you.

Check out the toy for any imperfections and tiny holes - if there aren't any - congrats! It is time to enjoy your sex toy.

But I don't want to spend money and this much time on making a sex toy?

That's completely understandable - making sex toy is no joke. It might be easier and more affordable to get a sex toy from our best sellers list.

This is so cool - I want to learn more!

Click here to learn how to make sex toys -  but beware - it requires a real commitment.

Final Thoughts

While creating sex toys right from a 3D printer is not recommended, you can create as many molds as you like. From there, it can help you create as many sex toys as you like.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different designs that you can turn into molds. With the right kind of material and anything else, you're going to create your own sex toy collection. All without having to go to a shop or ordering them online.

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