Is The Rose Toy Dangerous? What You Need To Know

Is The Rose Toy Dangerous

With millions of views, TikTok's NSFW viral obsession has been dubbed the "soul snatcher", with users reportedly breaking up with their partners after trying the now iconic rose toy for the first time. Inspiring countless iterations, including our own collection which features tongues for added pleasure, this popular type of toy has become known for its powerful stimulation alongside a beautiful and discreet design, drawing directly from the world's most romantic flower. 

However, despite an endless reel of glowing reviews, one question keeps coming up amongst those still skeptical of the rose toy's seemingly too good to be true powers: is it dangerous? Of course, whilst this may seem a little far-fetched, it is actually representative of a much deeper societal bias towards sex toys, which will only continue to come to light as these products further enter the mainstream. In fact, there have always been widespread myths and misconceptions regarding adult sex toys, which are part of the reason many still consider vibrators taboo today. So let us take a look at some of the most popular misbeliefs and how they are altering people's perception of the rose toy, and then finally debunk them once and for all…

Can my vibrator become addictive?

When people express concerns of sex toys being dangerous, it isn't always in a physical sense. With many still considering these types of products sinful and obscene, dangers to the mind, such as becoming reliant or even addicted to vibrators, can be just as worrying. Thankfully, this isn't true. While academic studies involving sex toys can be difficult to organize, meaning no research has been done to completely put this myth to bed, experts agree that while users may grow accustomed to particular vibrators over time, such as the rose toy, it does not reflect the clinical definition of addiction, which requires behavior that is harmful. 

Can my vibrator desensitize me?

Another frequent concern people share when it comes to vibrator use is that it will lead them to become desensitized, so that they are unable to experience pleasure without it, and ultimately even with it, constantly needing an increased level of stimulation. However, just like vibrator addiction, this assumption is not supported medically. In fact, a study of over 2,000 women aged between 18 and 60 and published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that over 70% of users had never experienced a negative side effect as a result of using a vibrator. Plus, of the 16.5% who had felt numbness, only 0.5% reported this lasting longer than a day.

Can my vibrator make me not enjoy sex?

So your vibrator may not desensitize you, but surely it will start to make sex feel a little pointless, right? Nope, that's not actually true either. While vibrators are great for providing easy access to pleasure when alone, nothing can replace the intimacy and connection that occurs during sex with other people, which in turn will heighten the pleasure to a point your trusty rose toy is likely incapable of achieving. Besides, vibrators aren't just for single people, and absolutely have their place within relationships too. Try using them together for added enjoyment for the both of you, as they should only be viewed as an addition to pleasure, rather than a replacement. Our Lili egg vibrator is a great example of this, as its compatible app not only allows superior control from within the bedroom, but provides real-time responses for those in long-distance relationships too, allowing you to stay intimate even when apart. 

Lili app-controlled egg vibrator

Can my vibrator harm me?

We've hopefully cleared up a lot of your worries at this point, but let's return to the question's physical meaning: Can the rose toy actually hurt you? While this type of vibrator can vary in shape and appearance, primarily it is a pressure wave toy, which uses pulses of air to change the pressure around your clitoris, creating a seal around it. With the clitoris being so sensitive, this is predictably quite an intensive form of play, and so whilst no real harm can occur, you must ensure you start with a gentle speed before gradually increasing the suction, to reduce the chance of your body becoming overwhelmed. If any pain or discomfort does occur, simply take a break and try again another day.

Best Practices For Safe Play

There may be no recorded long-term harm from rose toy usage, but there are still ways you can minimize experiencing any discomfort when using this style of vibrator. So next time you're feeling in the mood, consider following these steps:

  1. Start by applying lubricant to your labia and the toy itself. Our water-based lubricant

    is perfect for this, as it's compatible with all types of sex toy materials, including silicone.

  2. Spread your labia and locate your clitoris. If you need help with this, try using a mirror and referencing an anatomical diagram

  3. Place the nozzle of the toy over your clitoris. It may not fit perfectly, in which case you can rest the nozzle to the side of it, and this will also help soften the stimulation if you'd prefer.

  4. Turn the toy on, starting at the lowest intensity. While the amount of speeds can vary with rose toys, this initial setting should feel quite subtle rather than sudden. If it does feel immediately intense (even if it is a good kind of intense, because it can still later lead to discomfort), slowly move the toy away from yourself, breaking the seal around your clitoris if needed, until the feeling becomes more manageable.

  5. Gradually increase the speed. If at any point during this you feel discomfort, first try lowering the speed again. If this does not work, you may simply need to adjust your positioning of the toy or take a short break.

  6. Apply more lubricant as required, and once you find a speed that works for you, enjoy it.

If you're still not really feeling it, try reading our guide on how to use a rose toy, which includes our top tips for reaching orgasm!

Grace Selena (she/they) is a queer, non-binary writer from Melbourne, Australia. She has been talking about sex toys online for almost a decade, with a collection now nearing the thousands. Her popular blog, Princess Previews, has been ranked by Kinkly and Molly's Daily Kiss as one of the best places on the internet to find reviews of adult products, and they have also contributed their thoughts to publications such as BedBible, Sexual Health Magazine and O.School. In her spare time she helps run the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers, and can often be found in her garden with her cat, Crumpet, or tweeting at @PrincessPreview.