Exploring Twin Torpedo Sex Toys: Everything You Need To Know

Exploring Twin Torpedo Sex Toys_ Everything You Need To Know

Have you heard of the Twin Torpedo Sex Toy? It's a product that initially came to my attention during the trials of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, after boxes of them were reportedly found in the home of the defendant. The proceedings gave damning evidence on horrific charges. I recall feeling very uncomfortable with their stockpiling of this powerful pleasure product and using them in nefarious ways. As such I completely blocked out any thoughts of this toy which was guilty by association! But an inanimate object is not responsible for the crimes of a minority. So I decided to dig a little deeper into these notorious toys.

What is a Twin Torpedo Sex Toy? 

The Twin Torpedos Sex Toy is a remote controlled vibrator for men, with twin stimulators. Due to the shape of the twin toy it could also double up as an insertable vibrator, but the onus was on providing penis owners with pleasure. 

A once popular brand in the United States, this product was known for its intense, sometimes painful vibrations. Perfect if you require some deep impact for your nerves. 

While the Twin Torpedos toy has two large torpedo type vibrators, there are other variations of the toy from competitors which are less like underwater missiles. These comprise of two small bullet vibrators which are remote controlled for ease of use. Some models include a silicone cap to slide onto the glans, into which you can insert the bullets for mind (and load) blowing sexual pleasure. 

How to blow your mind with the Twin Torpedos?

The magic of the Twin Torpedo is that it is not just one vibrator, or even a single sex toy with two motors. It is two separate toys, linked to each other via the hand held control box. This means that you can double up on pleasure in one sexy spot, or stimulate two different erogenous zones at a time, all from the press of one button. 

But more than that, you can share the joy with a partner so you can experience simultaneous stimulation. Handing them a bullet of their own while you keep one for yourself… Mutual masturbation can be a wonderful bonding experience for many. 

Where can you buy them?

I have been hunting high and low to find out where the Twin Torpedos can be bought. Not that I have a penis, but two bullets are better than one! I wanted to find out more about this elusive product. However, these toys have slipped into obscurity. 

Is this because the tabloid press made these inanimate objects a villain in the cases against Epstein and Maxwell? Given my initial (and long held) aversion I could well understand if this was the case. But it could be that their vibrations are an acquired taste? They were known for their painful intensity. Or maybe it is due to the explosion of high quality sex toys, whether those specific to penis pleasure, or add something for both halves of a couple.

What are the alternatives to the Twin Torpedo sex Toy?


Typing 'twin torpedo vibrator' into my chosen search engine the products that come up are the twin bullet toys I mentioned earlier. Usually available on ebay or amazon, these toys are plastic, and the product details don't mention their waterproof rating, which, as a particularly moist sex toy user, is a must have piece of information. I also found Torpedo style bullets, also on ebay, these are cited as Bachelorette favours, effectively being sold as novelties. So, if the Twin Torpedo has all but vanished, the twin bullet toys are of questionable quality, and the single Torpedo bullets are treated as novelties, what are the alternatives?

Don't worry, there are many possibilities! Here at Honey Play Box you can find all manner of sex toys, designed to get your rocks off whatever your pleasure preference. 

Perhaps you want to feel the vibrations on your cock, and share them with your partner as you glide into them. If so, the Pulse Penis Sleeve is a brilliant option. The remote control makes for easy use of the toy, as well as enabling either party to manage the vibrations. 

Or maybe it is the mutual masturbation aspect that tickles your fancy. If so, then the sex toy world is your pleasure oyster. For my own pleasure I would choose a product such as the Madame - The Honey Wand Plus, and I've always wanted to watch a man get himself off in a masturbator or indeed to be in control of that myself. Hayden, a 3-in-1 blow job machine, is transparent so would give me the right view to aid my own release. 

However, my taste may not work for you and your lover. Or perhaps you have these items and want something a little different. Honey Play Box bundles offer curated selections of products that should work in harmony to bring you to the heady heights. With something for all combinations of lovers, it's a great way to build options into your toy box without breaking the bank. 

Still not found the twin toys that will work for you? 

Being human is an equal measure of joy at being an individual, but also frustration over those differences. But if one sex toy suited every body, all of the time, the industry would stagnate and those of us who like to get creative with our masturbation might end up bored. So, if your taste doesn't match mine, or you've already filled your toy box with these toys and can't find a combination to work with your partner, then please don't give up hope.

Do go and check out the complete collection for a wider range of products to create your own sexy scene. From bullets and egg vibrators, to sleeves, wands and insertables, you can create magic sensations for yourself and your partner. 

And while these options won't exactly give you the notorious Twin Torpedos Sex Toy, you will be able to find a guilt free option to spill your seed to. What's not to love?

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The barefoot sub (she/her) is not only an owned submissive, but also a mum, writer, model and all round kinkster. Through her writing she aims to inspire her peers to live their best life, achieve the greatest pleasure, and follow their own authentic path.