How to Have Sex Outside: Tips & Best Positions

Outdoor sex is one of those things few people dare try. People might assume that it's reserved only for exhibitionists and those who get more aroused when they know they can get caught anytime. In reality, having sex outside can be done by anyone or any couple, even the most shy.

Here's a short guide to outside sex, why you should do it, and the best sex positions outdoors.

What is Outdoor Sex?

Outdoor sex is any sexual activity done in a private or public outdoor space. Generally speaking, you've already done outdoor sex if you've had sex in the car, in a parking lot, or even while in the pool. The more extreme versions are doing the dirty deed in a public park, a changing room, or a concert. Strictly speaking though, outdoor sex is completed by a couple through oral or penetrative sex.

Why You Should Try Having Outside Sex

If you're the type of couple or person who wants to have exciting sex again, then outside sex should be at the top of your list. There's something exhilarating about the act, whether it's the fact that you could get caught or that people might be watching you from a distance.

There will be moments where you're at a crossroads of wanting to do it and not wanting to do it, which is perfectly normal. You do have the option to do outdoor sex discreetly and making sure there's no one around, or do it in a public place where there's an element of risk. If you're hesitant about the idea of having sex outside, then try to have discreet intercourse first and see how it goes.

One important element to consider is that you don't have to force yourself or your partner to do outdoor sex. Put it out there and on the back burner, and there's a possibility you'd get back to the idea again.

Top 6 Outdoor Sex Positions

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl

A popular position in the bedroom, reverse cowgirl is also a great sex position when you're out and about. This pose assumes that you or your partner can lie down comfortably, such as when you're at a picnic or chilling out on the grass.

The receiver sits down on the giver, who's lying down. Several variations are possible, such as the receiver assuming a squatting position or the giver reaching up and stimulating the clitoris or breasts. Once comfortable, go ahead and grind to orgasm and climax.

The Downward Dog

The Downward Dog

The receiver assumes a downward dog yoga pose or something similar. They will get down on all fours and arch their butt toward the sky. The giver has it easy- all they need to do is penetrate. However, you can help support the weight by holding on to the hips or thighs.

Downward dog is fairly easy to do, but you both will need plenty of space so you won't bump into an object. If the receiver is tired, have them do a kneeling position and continue pumping away.

Dirty Lap Dance

Dirty Lap Dance

For the dirty lap dance you'll need a sturdy object that can act as a chair. Benches and sitting logs are prime examples, as are outdoor chairs and sofas. As you may have guessed, this outdoor position requires the giver to be sitting down and the receiver on the top.

The receiver does not have to be parallel to the giver- they can do a Santa's sitting position and still get good penetration. The dirty lap dance makes every erogenous zone accessible, and you can smooch or give the nipples a good sucking while you're at it.

Up and At 'Em

Up and At 'Em

As you may have guessed, Up and At 'Em requires both individuals to stand up. Since you're outside, the best objects to stand or wrap your arms against are trees, street lamps, and similar things. If you could find a wall, such as a rock face or even the side of an RV or trailer, then all the better.

This outdoor sex position is versatile since both couples can face each other or the wall. The receiver is usually the one against the tree or wall, while the giver gets busy pushing the wood and penetrating. 

Pole Position (Tent Sex)

Pole Position (Tent Sex)

Who says you can't have some privacy outside? Tents are instant houses you can easily set up in the backyard or camping grounds. The best part is that you can get horny and get some sexy action at any time.

Treat the tent as you would your bedroom. This means you can try any sex position available, and add sex toys into the mix. For instance, Cupid can keep the sexual electricity going and adapt to the user's erogenous zones, whether it be the nipples or having a vibrating egg inside them. What's more, you won't have to hurry or look around every minute or so. Enjoy passionate lovemaking while ticking the 'I had sex outside' bucket list!

Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet, Wet, Wet

Where there's the great outdoors, there's bound to be bodies of water. It can be the beach, a pool, or an outdoor jacuzzi. When you or your partner are feeling frisky and adventurous, then why not take it to the water?

For this position, it's got to be standing up. You can try floating around, or stationary and backed up against the pool wall. On beaches, you can have the receiver kneel or squat as you penetrate and finish.

5 Tips for Great Outdoor Sex

Get Comfortable

Sex won't be as good if you're not comfortable or in the mood, and this applies to outdoor romps as well. Take in the sights and sounds of nature and appreciate the wonder and beauty of it all. Maybe take a few sips of wine, or breathe the fresh air to help you relax.

Yes, People Might See You

There's always a risk of people seeing you in the act, especially in public places. This can both excite and worry you to the point that you get a greater orgasm or not be able to perform at all, respectively. That said, consider the risks and if you're okay with it.

Try Foreplay First

To help ease you and your partner in the mood, do a short foreplay, or a.k.a., a public display of affection. Block out the external noise and focus on the pleasure that comes with kissing and light touching. From there, you can decide what you want to do and how to do the deed.

Let Go Of Inhibitions, But Don't Force It

Easier said than done, right? Especially if you're the shy type. However, sometimes it feels good to let go of worries and just do what you want. Outdoor sex is one of the most unique sexual acts out there, and this means extra fun for you and your partner. However, it's best not to force the issue. Sometimes it's just not possible to be comfortable or relaxed having sex outdoors, and that's okay. You can try again another time.

How to Have Outdoor Sex FAQs

Can You Really Have Sex Outside?

Yes, it's definitely possible to engage in outdoor sex. However, it takes guts and practice to really get the feeling and orgasm right. You can start off by doing some sexual activities in your home space, e.g., the patio, pool (if you have one), or balcony. Then, move on to more prominent spaces if you dare.

Will I Get Caught Having Sex Outside?

There might be rules about having sex in public places, such as parks and malls, so it's best to understand the risks before doing it. If you're unsure whether you'd be ticketed or even reprimanded by the police, then it's better to choose a safer location.

What If People Stare and Watch?

That depends on you and your partner. You have two choices- pack up and leave or continue. Most couples will make sure there's no one around, or that they won't get caught (such as in the beach) so the chances of being caught are reduced, but it still depends on your preference and what you agreed on.

Can I Bring Sex Toys on Outside Sex?

Certainly! We'd recommend bringing a bottle of lube, some condoms, and maybe an egg vibrator or two. The sex toy setup can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.

Get Frisky and Try Outdoor Sex Adventure Today

Try outside sex when you have some leisure time or as a way to bond as a couple while in the great outdoors. We promise the experience will be refreshing and exciting at the same time!

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