Egg Vibrators

Since it is shaped like an egg, it makes it easier for you to carry it around or hide it somewhere no one would see.
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Fiona Plus – Rose Clit Licking Stimulator & Thrusting Egg

Rose Clit Licking Stimulator & Thrusting Egg
vibrating egg with remote control

Mon Cherie - Egg Vibrator with Remote Control

The cutest little gentlethem. Don't be fooled by it's small size, the Mon Cherie Vibrating Egg packs a punch with intense, rumbly vibrations. This insertable Kegel egg vibrator is soft...
powerful love egg vibrator with remote control

Mandy - Powerful Vibrating Egg Sex Toy

Wrapped in smooth, medical grade silicone, this tiny vibrating egg sex toy with big energy give the vagina rumbly sensations of pleasure. Mandy's ergonomic shape makes for easy entry. It's...
vibrating egg sex toy

Moira - Vibrating Egg Sex Toy

Shape into a lovely kitten, capture girl's heart instantly, however what makes Moira the girl's closest partner is more than just a cute appearance. The silk smooth silicone helps it...
rose toy clit licker & vibrating egg

Fiona - Clit Licking Rose Toy & Vibrating Egg

Clit Licking Rose Toy & Vibrating Egg The dual-ended rose vibrator, with both vibrating and clit-licking features, is the perfect sex toy to stimulate your clitoris, vagina, nipples, and other...
Lili - APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator - Honey Play Box

Lili - APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator

Lili - APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator A shining appearance that exudes glamour, flexible string to maximize your enjoyment, and the latest in internet app-control technology…it all comes together in Lili, the...
Rosa - Rotating Rose Toy & Thrusting Vibrator  - Honey Play Box

Rosa - Rotating Rose Toy & Thrusting Vibrator 

ROTATING ROSE TOY & THRUSTING VIBRATOR An authentic piece of rose toy can’t be more classic when you mention a feminist sex toy. It’s never too late to own one...
Bluebell - Floral 3 Size & Weight Kegel Ball Exercise Set - Honey Play Box

Bluebell - Floral 3 Size & Weight Kegel Ball Exercise Set

FLORAL 3 SIZES & WEIGHTED KEGEL BALL EXERCISE SET   Bluebell is a set of Kegel exercise weights featuring three different sizes and weights for step-by-step pelvic floor muscle training...

What are the benefits of an egg vibrator?
There are many benefits to using an egg vibrator.

First, it is discreet. Since it is shaped like an egg, it makes it easier for you to carry it around or hide it somewhere no one would see.

Secondly, it's travel-friendly. Similarly to a bullet vibrator, you can take this with you even if you're going on a vacation to a far-away island!

Thirdly, it's quiet. Like all of our sex toys, they are designed to be as quiet as possible and the egg vibrator is one of the quietest of the bunch!

Fourthly, it's small. So you don't have to feel nervous about using it as a beginner – or even when you're used to having sex toys in your life and your preference leans more on the tame side.

Lastly, it's versatile. An egg vibrator can be used to stimulate multiple parts of your body like your vagina, clit, nipples, anus and penis.

What are the ways to use an egg vibrator?

There are a few ways to use an egg vibrator.

First, you can press it against your sweet spots — ear, neck, breasts, nipples, waist, inner thighs, vagina, vulva, clit and anus! This is perfect for foreplay when it's the deep of the night and it's the kind of quiet that makes you wonder what it feels like to be touched so tenderly. Then, you use this with every intention to go slow and explore what makes your body tick in the best way. We assure you, you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

Second, you can use it alone — spend some time with yourself in bed. Lay comfortably and try the first step to warm you up. When you're hot and ready, you can either go for clitoral stimulation or g-spot stimulation, whatever fits your fancy that night. Just make sure to use lube and insert it carefully inside.

Third, you can use it for couple play — spice up your sexcapades by using the egg vibrator to stimulate the top of your partner's penis or their balls. To take it up a notch, you can use the latter while giving them a blowjob. If your partner is of the same sex, you can definitely take the lead and let them experience a different kind of pleasure on their vagina and anus through the egg vibrator.

If you're wondering which one to use, our recommendation is the Lovebud Egg Vibrator with Remote Control. This is perfect for any scenario, especially when you've hit a wall in your sex life and want to spice things up – maybe try a little voyeurism. So you can leave your partner writhing deliciously in bed as you control their pleasure with a simple click of a remote.

Can I use this for anal?

Most certainly. Honey Play Box has The Beetles which is a remote-controlled egg vibrator that is perfect for anal play because of its smooth design and ten amazing vibrating patterns.