Bring Your A-Game: 5 Sex Positions for A-Spot Stimulation


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It's Sunday and you're having brunch with friends.

The sun is shining and the drinks are buzzing. The inhibitions are slipping away and the conversation leads into PG-18 territory.

The loud voices lower into a whisper because the words "g-spot", "c-spot" and "a-spot" are flowing from lipstick-laden lips. It's fun, it's flirty, it's very much single, independent individuals ready to dive deeper into their sexual prowess and elevate it.

As you talk about the latest sex toys, positions and spots, you wonder what it means to have you a-spot stimulated.

You might not even be fully aware of what an a-spot is and what it does.

Allow us to get you up to speed as fast as the daily gossip on Twitter.

What is an A-Spot?

Speaking in metaphors, let's start with an appetizer!

According to Healthline, an a-spot is fully named as the anterior fornix erogenous zone and is located further deep into the vaginal canal between the cervix and the bladder.

So, if you're looking for something deep yet refreshing like a moscow mule, this is it!

But as you sip on this new information, your friends might bring up the fact that the g-spot is located there as well.

Now you're thinking, are they the same thing

The same article answers no! The assumption only exists because the a-spot and the g-spot are located very close together.

How do you find the A-Spot?

On our next round of appetizers, allow us and Cosmopolitan to guide you on how to find the a-spot!

Based on their article, finding the a-spot means one has to insert a finger or a toy inside an estimate of five inches deep and angle it towards the body in a forward stroking motion.

It's very similar to the "come hither" motion but you'd have to dig it in a little deeper as opposed to the g-spot.

As you're reading this with your drink, you'll begin to observe one important aspect in finding and stimulating the a-spot, and that is pressure.

So it doesn't matter if you deliver pressure through your fingers, penis or toy, as much as making sure that the pressure is just right to incite pleasure through every inch of your own body whether by yourself or by your partner.

Best Positions for the A-Spot

Now that you've finished your appetizer, let's move forward to the main course which is finding out what are the five best positions to pleasure the a-spot:



Nope, not the Apex Predator you see in the Alien film franchise. It's more like finding a chair that you could use and having you bent over and clasping the backrest while your partner lifts your legs up to wrap around their waste. Think of it like a lawnmower but you're suspended in mid-air. This is a rather complex position but with purpose! The pleasure comes from the concept of limitation. As you're wrapped up and lifted high in the air, there's only so much that you can do to take charge of your own movements, so most of the work will fall on your partner and you'll have to trust them to thrust you to heaven. Since this is a rather constrained position, a remote controlled, wearable sex toy will give the assistance you need without using your hands. We recommend Bibi for the Apex!    



As above, so below. This position is the opposite of the Apex wherein you're now laying comfortably down on the couch as your partner lifts you and rests your hips on the couchrest while your legs rest on their shoulders. It will give you the opportunity to collaborate with your partner on what type of movement would suit your a-spot best while getting a little bit of rest at the same time. As this position gives you a little bit more space for movement, you can have Pomi Wand help you please your clit or other erogenous zones with its multiple vibrating patterns.



This position also uses the couch but instead of being on your back, you're bent over the couchrest with your face pressed against the seat. This will give you a second perspective on a-spot stimulation because while the Descent hits you from the front, the Stickman hits you from the back. This position is still flexible but definitely needs the partnership of Le Couplet to give you double the fun on both of your sides.

Look to the Sky

Look to the Sky4

Now, this requires the two of you to be flexible and strong because your partner will be using the table as the bed while you'll be using your partner as the bed. Make sure that your partner has their feet planted firmly on the chair to establish balance and strength. On the other hand, make sure you do stable movements as you ride cowgirl to avoid the risk of falling over and hurting yourselves. Then you can grind away to the feeling of being high up as well! 



In comparison to the rest of the positions, this one seems to be the most tame, but don't let that fool you because the Skewer may only involve the missionary but you're lying on the edge of the bed while your partner kneels in front of the bed while driving into you – it can still deliver max stimulation to your a-spot without fail! A classic position requires a powerful and easy to use toy and Alvina could do that for you! Its strong vibrations will keep your back arching from the double-stimulation all night long!


There you have it! We gave you a full-course meal with the a-spot – what it is, how it's found, how it's stimulated and the top five sex positions to get the most out of pleasuring a refreshing spot inside! Do take your time to try it out and don't forget to share your experiences with us below!

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