How To Clean Sex Toys?

Before starting this topic, a brief overview is in due; many of us who own sex toys might not pay enough attention to the cleansing of the sex toy; we probably think, “it’s brand-new and just came out of the package,” in our mind, this means it’s clean, dust-free, and there’s no need to clean it. This article is aimed to explain the importance of cleaning sex toys from the perspective of avoiding diseases, lowering the possibility of having a bacterial infection, lengthening the age of toys, and eluding any problems in time. Also, we will teach you appropriate and easy ways to clean your toys.

Why should you clean your sex toys?

The short answer is to avoid diseases, but let’s discuss this further. You should clean your sex toys because some go deep inside your body, such as vibrators, dildos, and anal toys. If they’re not appropriately cleaned, they might cause bacterial infections. And if you use and share them with others, it might cause more severe diseases. Cleanse before usage can also help detect any malfunction or imperfections, keeping you safe and avoiding dangerous situations. “Using unclean sex toys can potentially introduce unwanted bacteria or other pathogens—like fungi—into the vulvar-vaginal environment that can lead to the overgrowth of bacteria known as bacterial vaginosis or cause a urinary tract infection,” said Amanda Morgan, an associate professor-in-residence at the University of Nevada,

What do you need to do before cleaning?

  1. Read the user manual or instructions carefully.

  2. Check if the product it’s waterproof or not.

  3. Check the safety instructions when cleaning an electronic toy.

How to Clean?

For waterproof non-electronic products or products that silicone part could be taking off:

  • The simplest way: fully dipped in water or wash it with mild soap, and let them air-dry.

  • Using sanitizing wipes could destroy many bacteria and pathogens to be more hygienic.

  • If you can use UV sterilizing, it kills all bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

  • Use Honey Play Box toy cleaner, a professional cleaner specially designed for sex toys. No alcohol is contained, is harmless to the genitals, and cleanses toys thoroughly.

For non-waterproof products:

  • Use cleaning towels or sanitizing wipes to clean the surface of using parts

  • Sanitizing wipes to clean every corner of the used surface is a better option.

  • If you can get a UV sanitizer, it’s a bit pricey but is the best option when cleaning toys.

  • Use Honey Play Box cleaner sprayon the surface and a towel to wipe it.

For waterproof electronic products:

  • For the waterproof level of IPX6, products can only be flushed by water but not be soaked in.

  • For the waterproof levelof IPX7, products can be submerged and fully sank in the water.

  • Check products before the water touches the surface to avoid an electric shock accident.

  • The safest way is using sanitizing wipes or Honey’s sprayto clean the surface.

  • UV sanitizer is also a great option but a bit expensive.


  • Before cleaning, read the user manual or product details and carefully check the waterproof level.

For products being used by multiple users:

Suggestion from Honey: Even if these people are 100% healthy or are your significant other, it is best practice not to share your toys; remember, the diversity of bacteria varies from person to person; they could be harmless to their body, but when it comes into yours might destroy the order or balance of your flora.

If you still want to share your toys, and for those double-ended dildos, a suggestion from Honey is to use them by putting on a condom to ensure the safety and health of you and your partners and avoid contracting infectious or ETS.

Something you SHOULD avoid:

Some experts suggested using methods like boiling and dishwasher to clean. However, it doesn’t apply to Honey Play Box’s products since most products from our brand are electronic. For safety, it is better not to put them in a dishwasher or boil them. Be aware if you boil or put them in the dishwasher (unsure about the temperature while working), they can cause an explosion.

How to store?

After cleaning them up, storing and keeping them clean is essential. In most cases, Honey’s products come with a dust bag or a box. When it arrives, please DO NOT throw it away but keep it! We know sometimes we can’t store them in a sterile environment, but it’s good enough to keep them in a dust-free, hygienic place until the next usage.

PS: Even though they are well stored, clean them before every use.

In conclusion, treat your toys with the respect you would treat your retainer. They can quickly turn from pleasure to pain if they are not correctly cleaned and taken care of. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand more about the importance of cleaning sex toys from the health and safety perspective and introduce more cleaning methods. If you still have questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service team of Honey Play Box. Our staff will be thrilled to help you with any inquiry.


Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.