Slow Sex: 10 Tips to Experience the Best Orgasm Ever

slow sex

When was the last time you savored anything?

Was it your breakfast this morning? Or the shower you just had?

What about the way you chose your outfit or the way you read your emails?

Did you even stop for a moment to breathe in the air as you're walking from one station to another?

The truth is, these days efficiency is king. If you can’t do it fast enough, then you are of no value.

While efficiency can be very helpful in some work environments, we took this and let it influence other aspects of our lives.

It’s either you eat quickly or you miss the next opportunity that just might be in the next corner.

Same with sex too. People have less and less patience for flirting and foreplay and just want to go straight into poundland the second attraction forms between you.

We’ve forgotten how good it is to take time and appreciate every little inch, dip and curve of your lover. We’ve forgotten how slow sex plays a huge role in giving one of the best orgasms of their lives.

So, if you’re here for a loving reminder, read further.

What is Slow Sex?

Bustle defines this in two ways. The first is really being mindful of your sexual experience. Meaning, you take the time to savor every touch you or your partner makes before, during and after actual penetration. The second is literally slowing down your movements from the foreplay to the lovemaking.

When you look at these two definitions, you’ll notice that slow sex doesn’t talk about the physicality alone. It also touches on the emotional side because it recognizes its role in making people feel good beyond measure.

What is the Benefit of Slow Sex?

Let’s hand it over to Medium to describe all the juicy stuff you’re going to get from slow sex.

  • It enhances your current level of intimacy because it takes away the need to view orgasm as a result you need to accomplish.
  • It gives you an opportunity to be more aware of you and your partner’s emotions and reactions and learn from them. Ultimately teaching you more about what truly pleasures you as a couple.
  • It is more pleasurable than fast sex because it gives you more time for pleasure, and to build up on your orgasm. Think about this like edging– saving everything until the moment you burst.

How to have Slow Passionate Sex?

Allow Refinery 29 to guide you:

  • Taking it slow begins before the bedroom. You must shift your mindset from chasing results to being intentional with everything you do. Practicing meditation is a good place to start – whether through in-person classes or through mindfulness apps.
  • Once you have prepared yourself mentally, it’s time to prepare yourself physically. You also need to shift your physicality from something that is used to doing everything quick, to something that welcomes taking their time. The same article suggests doing a challenge where one partner will touch the other for 20 minutes and vice versa.
  • With your mind and body prepared, you may start to consider other ways to turn you or your partner on. Think about how you used to do sex, and put a stop to it for a while. This will enable you to get creative and even discover better ways to earn and give pleasure. For example, if you are a handsy person, you can try turning up the heat with words.
  • The points above will allow you to have slow, passionate sex with your partner. How slow do you wanna go? Depends on you, but now you have the foundations to guide you so you can experience the fruits of well-intentioned labor.
  • Lastly, if you mess up along the way. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As with any sexual endeavor – practice makes perfect. Learn from your mistakes and go where the water takes you.

More Tips to have Slow Passionate Sex

Let’s say you have the basics down, but have no idea where to start in your partner’s body?

Allow us to refresh your memory about the various erroneous zones for women! Here’s a few that you can start with, according to Glamour:

  • Nape - This part of the neck is great for running your fingers across, or holding your palm around to make your partner feel secure and trusting in the kisses you’ll soon rain upon there.
  • Nipples - Moving down from the nape, you can send your attention to your partner’s nipples by licking, sucking and biting softly on them. You’ll instantly feel these sensitive nubs harder which only means they’re more sensitive to the touch. Then, you can keep on going until your partner is begging you to touch more of them.
  • Stomach - This is a good place to lay a trail of kisses as you slowly make your way towards your partner’s vagina. It sends those types of tickles that heighten your partner’s anticipation.
  • Pubic Mound - An underrated yet important place because of the many nerve endings it has like the clitoris and anus. Worship this mound like your temple and I promise you, your partner would be more than ready to take you.
  • Clitoris - Some say this is the most magical of them all – and with good reason. This little nub housed by the pubic mound has so many nerve endings that with the right touch will allow your partner to get wet and ready for penetration of any kind: tongue, toy or cock.

What if I want to use a Sex Toy?

That’s totally possible! There are a lot of toys you can use for slow sex, and I’d love to recommend you some down below:

Joi- Rotating Head G-spot Vibrator & Clit Licker 


 g spot vibrators

She can bring you the best of both worlds with her clit licker and g-spot vibrator. You can definitely use this when you want to free your hands up to touch the other parts of your partner’s body and send her into a world where she knows nothing but pleasure.

Scioness - Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator


clit vibrator

This lady is a clitoral stimulator designed to lick and suck at your clit into high heaven using 9 tongue licking patterns and 3 different intensities. So you can definitely go slow with this.


  • Do women like slow and fast sex?
    • According to the Art of Connection, there is no one way to enjoy sex. The true problem arises when the couple have different preferences on how to engage in intercourse and are unwilling to meet the other halfway. Communication will always be key, and experimentation will serve as inspiration to try different paces in sex.
  • Does slow sex feel better?
    • According to Be Body Wise, slow sex feels better because it allows space for both physical and emotional connection without the pressure of producing results for the sake of it.
  • Do I need slow sex?
    • You definitely do. But that shouldn’t be the only thing you engage in because as said previously, the key to a successful sex life is through experimentation. Rigidity will kill the fire and discovering different things with your partner will be the spice that keeps it alive.


There you have it! My 10 best tips to have slow, passionate sex that blows your mind and warms your heart, Take it easy today, sweetheart.