Best Sex Positions to Burn Calories

Sexual intimacy provides several powerful benefits from many fronts. Emotionally, you can build a strong connection with someone that you find attractive and compelling. Mentally, great sex has been known to decrease depression, anxiety, and stress, all while boosting your mood. Turns out, getting hot and bothered and engaging in stimulation plays a key role in your brain’s vitality. And physically? All of that pumping and sweating can burn some calories, baby.

If you’re looking to burn a ton of calories while still reaching the big O, look no further than our guide below. From beginner to advanced, here are the best sex positions guaranteed to get you down, dirty, and sweaty. Feel free to throw a sex toy in the mix to make things last longer and burn more calories. Fair tip: Keep a glass of water near you.


Standing up


This position can be awkward to work out in the beginning, but it’ll be super satisfying once you make it work. The penetrating partner lifts the receiving partner off the ground and holds their body by their bottom. The receiving partner can either wrap their legs around their partner’s butt, plant your feet against the back of the thighs, or let their legs dangle on the side. Wrap your arms around the penetrating partner and then bounce as your partner thrusts into you.

For a modification, if you’re the receiving partner, you can be backed against the wall so all of the weight isn’t on your partner. This position can burn over 200 calories for the penetrating partner and 150 calories for the receiving partner.


The squat


The receiving partner gets on top of the penetrating partner who is laying down horizontally on the floor or the bed. Then you straddle around their genitals, squat, and engage the thighs for penetration and bounce up and down to ride away. Use your hands behind you to place on their thighs to help stay in place.

For the partner on bottom, it’s a hot position to be dominated. If you want to squeeze in a workout, lift up your butt to match the thrust so they aren’t doing all of the work. For the person on top, your thighs will be burning in no time flat. If you can maintain the position, you can burn over 180 calories. The squat sex position works out your thighs, calves, and stamina.




Otherwise known as girl on top, it’s been touted as one of the biggest calories torching sex positions. For people with vulvas, it has been known as one of the best sex positions to help you achieve orgasm and have control with your movements. To get started, have your partner lay flat on their back with their legs out straight. Get on top of them while facing their head (or face their feet for reverse cowgirl) and then straddle their genitals and insert your partner’s penis or sex toy inside of you.

It has similar origins to the squat, but with the cowgirl you can grind and play with your clitoris. Women often love the cowgirl because it allows you to set the pace, depth, and angle and do what’s best for you. Not only does it feel super good, it can easily help you burn 270 calories in half an hour. Giddy up!


Doggy style


We talk about this sex position a lot at Honey Play Box and for good reason. Not only does it feel amazing for both partners, but it’s an excellent workout. As the penetrating partner thrusts, it works out your core. To take it up a notch, stand on your tippy toes so you can engage your calves. For the receiving partner, you can move their hips and lower body to back into them so you are incorporating movement into your actions and working out your legs at the same time.

While doing it, don’t be afraid to pump up the intensity to sweat it out more. If you keep it going for over half an hour, you can easily burn through 100-150 calories. The doggy style sex position works out your quadriceps, core, hamstrings, core, arms, and shoulders.


The arch


Meant for the flexible people, this position is a cross between the bridge yoga position and an aerial missionary position. The penetrating partner faces you on your knees. The receiving partner lays on their back with their hands flat beside them and pams beside them. You then lift up your back and your legs up to form an arch.

The arch is meant for more advanced lovers due to its difficulty. You can vary the poses so it’s easier for you and your legs don’t collapse from under you. It can also be modified by using your elbows instead of your hands or stacking some pillows under your hip so you aren’t supporting your entire weight with your upper body. The position works out your entire body for both partners. You’ll engage your calves, core, lower and upper back, and triceps as you hold yourself up.




For the lazy kings and queens out there, spooning during sex can help you burn a ton of calories. The penetrating partner cuddles the receiving partner, and uses their penis or a sex toy to penetrate the receiving partner from behind. Even though you’re both just laying on your side and being sleepyheads, this can help you work up a sweat. Sex spooning may feel like you’re doing the bare minimum but you’re engaging your core which is a great workout. The position can help the receiving partner burn 100 calories and the penetrating partner burn up to 110 calories.

Of course, burning calories isn’t one of the top reason people have sex. At the end of the day, it’s more about pleasure and enjoying a delicious romp in bed with your partner. But, it’s a pretty incredible benefit that you should take advantage of if you want to nail several birds with one stone. Trying out new positions and working out a specific body part (thighs, core, or arms) can help you burn and tone muscles.


Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen is a sex, relationships & dating writer where she creates sexual wellness content and resources for Honey Play Box. She’s particularly interested in de-stigmatizing shameful messages in sexuality by centering pleasure and liberation in her writing.