Top 10 Oral Sex Positions to Give Her Wild Orgasms

In the world of sexual metaphors, oral sex is the third base that leads up to the goal, or the appetizer to the main course. It has always been regarded as merely a foreplay to the main event.

But when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of a lot of women, cunnilingus is pretty up there. Especially since clitoral orgasm is more attainable than penetrative orgasm.

So if you're someone looking to impress your date in bed or just want to step up your game for your current partner, going down on her is your best bet. 

And to help you out, eat her out… we've listed in this article the best pussy eating positions that'll give her O-worthy satisfaction.

1. Funny Joke


Fittingly enough, this position will put tears in her eyes because of how good it feels, just like how a funny joke can make you cry-laugh.

This position requires a chair, but you can easily get away with doing this on the edge of the bed for a more comfortable alternative. Basically, your partner gets on four limbs with her legs apart. Then, you kneel behind her and lean your body towards her for easier access. Using your hands, spread her cheeks, then you can go ahead and eat her out. This position is convenient as well for eating out her ass, which can be equally pleasurable.

You can personalize this position in so many ways, but one great way to do it is by using the Crystal Love anal plug. This metallic anal plug looks very pleasing to the eyes with its gem base and iridescent appearance. Plus, it's an additional anal stimulation for your partner which can only intensify her orgasm. 

2. Hot Carl


We are obviously a fan of the "from behind" oral sex positions because here is another one. At first glance, this one may seem complicated, but it really isn't. 

The sofa is the best place for this position. To do this, you or the oral sex giver will sit on the sofa with one leg curled up (like a half of a criss-cross sitting position) and the other leg on the floor.  The woman will stand with her butt facing you. She will then fully bend her upper body down. This will help open up her crotch area to give you access. 

You can help stabilize her position by holding on to her thighs while eating her out. Moreover, with this position, her hands are free to help you to stimulate her own clitoris.

While you give her a mind blowing cunnilingus, you can also stimulate yourself with the help of a toy. We recommend the Kai automatic male masturbator. It is a best seller because of its ultra realistic blowjob sensation. With this, you can focus on giving your woman the best time while enjoying yourself as well.

3. Licking Master


The Licking Master is guaranteed to make your woman go crazy with pleasure. This position makes it easier for you to focus on your tongue work while giving her literally the best seat to watch you. 

This is one of the easier positions on this list. It doesn't require any gymnastics from you and your partner. All you need is a chair for her to sit on and you are good to go. 

For the specifics of this oral sexual position, have her seat on the chair with her legs spread out. With one foot resting on the floor and the other up on the chair. Then, kneel in front of her with your upper body leaning toward her direction. Once comfortable with your position, let her foot rest on your back instead of the chair. 

This position is effortless enough that you can easily do other things to amplify her pleasure. We suggest using the Joi Rotating Head G-spot and Clit Licker vibrator to stimulate her clit or penetrate her, simultaneously with you giving her cunnilingus.

4. Inquisitor


Another easy position but one of the best ones, if I may say so myself. This has the potential to be a very intimate oral position. Making eye contact while you give her pleasure and while she receives it, will help you achieve that.

With this one, have your partner lay on her back on the bed with her knees bent and legs spread out. Then, position yourself between her legs to make her wild with ecstasy. One thing to make the position even better is by lifting her pelvis up to give you a more optimal angle to eat her out. Do this by placing a pillow under her hips.

This very comfortable position will make it easy for her or for you to play with her breasts while you give her the best cunnilingus of her life. 

Moreover, if you want to up your game to another level, you can choose to use the Pomi Wand powerful mini vibrator.

5. Forbidden Fruit


If you plan to make oral sex your segue to penetrative sex, the forbidden fruit position is a great for that. Especially if you are transitioning to the doggy style position. This will help her prep for the penetration, while you can prep yourself up as well while you go down on her.

To execute the forbidden fruit, let your partner lie down in a knee-elbow position with her knees apart and her head down. You kneel behind her, with your knees at the end of where her feet are. Then, lean forward until your face touches her behind. In this position, you can support yourself by holding her thighs. 

Without fail, butt plugs are great tools with these from behind positions. It only makes the experience better. With the Doro Plus remote control vibrating anal plug, it'll give your partner a satisfying anal sensation, without it being overwhelming.

6. Gorge


With the gorge position, you will be traversing your woman's narrow valley with your slippery tongue. This position is quite extraordinary. How your woman's legs are positioned magnifies the sensation that your cunnilingus gives her. This will also be very visually pleasurable if you are someone that is turned on by the sight of your partner's legs. 

For this position, let your partner lie on her back comfortably, with her head on a pillow. After, let her lift her legs up together, without parting it. With her holding her legs in this position, you will sit on your knees opposite to her. Place your hands on her thighs, and then lean forward until your face can reach her down there. 

Not only is this position viable for oral sex, it also works well for penetration. Having said that, you can use the Bud Love Radiance Metal Gem butt plug to make her experience even better.

7. Cleopatra


If you do it right, the Cleopatra position will certainly make her feel like a queen. This position gives her the freedom to move herself and direct you on how she pleases. This will also give her a pretty enjoyable view from her position.

With this one, let your partner sit on her bent knees, positioned slightly apart. Just like how a child's pose starts out, if you are familiar with yoga positions. Then, you sit on your knees in front of her and lean toward her as needed.

The very key to this position is that she is the one in control. So do be a good sub in this position, and let her tell you what exactly to do.

Also, with any oral sex play, you can never go wrong with involving a trusty vibrator to make it a marathon and not a sprint. We recommend the Scioness sucking and licking clitoral stimulator.

8. Bullfighter


Now, this one is a bit more complex of a position, but is very doable if you are determined enough to give your partner an out of this world experience. The reason being is that it requires a bit of upper body strength from you and a little bit of balancing from your partner.

This position starts with you sitting down comfortably with your legs together and your knees bent. After, you slightly lean your torso backwards. Your partner then sits on your shoulder so that his face is between her legs. She will then lie back completely while she uses her arms to support her position. 

For added pleasure on her part, you can use a clit vibrator that can double as a nipple stimulator like the Lolita sucking toy and egg vibrator.

9. Hucklebuck


This one is a modification of the classic 69 sexual position. Primarily, this is a favorite because it is a give-and-take situation, wherein both cunnilingus and fellatio is feasible. But also, the allure of this one is the freedom of both partners to use their hands on each other or on themselves for additional pleasure.

You will lie on your back with your head on the pillow. Then, your partner will crouch down backwards so that her crotch is over your face. She will then put her hands on your chest to support herself. This will give both of you perfect access to each other's genitals. Again, your hands are free to either feel up her breasts or stroke yourself down there.

Staying in line with the theme, we recommend that you use a toy for your pleasure, like the Roxy licking sex toy and vibrating dual penis ring. And to increase your partner's experience, we recommend the Idris anal vibrator and plug set. This set has many options to satisfy her according to her preference.

10. Shell


This is another position that can be very intimate for lovers. This is the way to go either if you want a prelude to a passionate penetrative sex or if you simply want to satisfy your woman. 

To do this, let your woman lie on her side, while her elbows lift and support the upper part of her body. Her legs are bent with her knees apart and feet together. You will then lie on your side so that your head is between your woman's legs facing her crotch. With your one arm, bend your elbow to level yourself, and use your other one to caress her legs and thighs. 

The shell will definitely make you both want to go all in. So make sure to use a lubricant for a frictionless and more satisfying penetrative sex. We recommend this water-based lubricant. This one is safe if you are using pretty much any type of condom or sex toy


Just like with emotional relationships, the act of giving is a key component in sexual relationships. And while there are so many ways to do this, giving oral sex will surely make your partner feel important and cared for.

In addition, oral sex can increase the intimacy between lovers. Letting someone go down on you can feel quite vulnerable and going down on someone requires getting up close and personal with that person. Oral sex can even be more intimate than penetrative sex because mutual sexual experiences elicit stronger bonds. 

It also has so many health benefits for you and your partner. And just so many benefits in general, to pass up on. 

To wrap it all up. It's key to keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to go down on your partner. The positions above are just there to guide you and potentially better up your game. What's important is that you give it with genuine sincerity and affection.

Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.