Moaning during Sex: The Good, Bad and the Mind-Blowing

Moaning during Sex

Have you ever been with someone and they're just going at it like there's no tomorrow? And all of the sudden, they start making these weird noises like moaning and grunting? You might be wondering what in the world is going on, or even worse, if you're doing something wrong.

Well, worry no more! We’re here to explain why people moan during sex. Spoiler alert: It's not always because something is wrong. So sit back, relax, and let us fill you in on all the reasons why people make those sexy sounds.

What is Sexual Moaning?

But first, let’s break down what a moan really is. According to Guardian, moaning is an instinctive behavior to pain and, in the case of sex, overwhelming pleasure. Basically, it’s a way for you to communicate to your partner about whether or not you’re enjoying their touch in the bedroom.

Is Moaning during Sex good for you?

While you’ve learned that sexual moaning is a form of communication, you might wonder if it’s a good thing to do at the heat of the moment?

The short answer is yes! Guardian also lays down the reasons why:


  • Better sex outcomes: Moaning is a form of non-verbal communication during sex. It tells your partner how to please you and it also releases endorphins which make them feel good about giving oral or penetrative intercourse without fear that they are doing something wrong because this type of sound doesn't communicate negative emotions but rather excitement for what will happen next!

  • Mood-boosting: Moaning is kind of like expressing how you feel in the moment. And everyone likes it when someone pays them compliments! Moan away without holding back- your partner will know that they’re doing something right and this may just make their day (or night).

  • Transfer of arousal: There's a certain feel-good factor to being in the zone. You can get so wrapped up that you might not even notice what your voice sounds like or how it changes when sexual excitement starts taking over! A recent study found out why this happens: heightened emotions such as anger, joyfulness etc., which may happen outside of sex but link closely enough with it through transfer of arousal – leading us into greater pleasure than expected from any given stimulus.

  • Faster climax: Experts say that biting down on your moans may prevent you from reaching climax because it damages the natural instinct to let out an intense sound. Letting go of those noises could help speed up how long it takes for someone to achieve their own pleasure!

How to be more comfortable making Sex Moans?

Not everybody will get the hang of moaning during sex. Some might be too shy or scared to participate in sexual groaning but if you’re willing to give it a shot, Glamour has some tips to help you get more comfortable:


  • Get a Sense for It: The more you can use your senses during sex, the better. It’s all about losing control in a way that feels safe and exploring what it means for one's self when they let go completely with noise or moans as an accompaniment—it takes some work to hold back these intense emotions!

  • A Different Communication: If you want to have an amazing time with your partner in the bedroom, it’s important that both parties are on board and communicating. People who match their breathing, or sounds syncing up together have higher levels of intimacy than those whose partners don't make any noise during sex. This allows them both know how much they enjoy themselves while also keeping feelings like anxiety at bay since there will always be something playing out before them.

  • Expressing Yourself: There are many different ways to express oneself sexually, and one way is through vocalization. You may be thinking that your voice sounds so boring when getting down and dirty in the bedroom but don't worry! There's no set sound or type of breath that everyone will love. Finding something which feels genuine can take some experimentation and it really depends what kind vibe we want out there during sex.

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How to make your Sexual Sounds Better?

Let’s say you’ve gotten comfortable in making sexual noise. Now, it’s time to make them better. But how? Refinery 29 has got your back with these tips:


  • Go Natural: When it comes to sex, do what feels natural and don’t be shy about letting out those noises. If your partner stimulates somewhere that makes you tighten up with pleasure, then making noises through the mouth is an obvious way of showing them how much enjoyment they're bringing forth in bed!

  • Don’t Care about Anything: Don’t think about what others would say and only pay attention to what feels right, whether that’s breathing it out or screaming to the high heavens. As long as you make those amazing sexual sounds without being pressured into them, that’s already good enough!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Moaning is a great way to express your excitement during sex. If you feel self-conscious about making noise, just go ahead and experiment with different sounds! Try experimenting by breathing in time while moaning "oh" or changing how high or low your voice goes based on what feels most sensual.


There you have it: A quick run down of moaning during sex and how to get better at it over time!

We all have a tendency to put our best foot forward in everything we do, especially during sex. But you know what they always say: Sometimes, simple is best.

That’s what you have to remember when you’re making sexual moans. There’s no need for exaggerations because what comes out naturally is what will make your sexual experience truly mind-blowing.

So don’t forget to breathe and practice whenever you can. Most of all, don’t forget to let it all go and allow yourself to feel the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had in your life so far!