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How To Use A Rose Toy

Rose toys have been incredibly popular ever since one went viral on TikTok in 2021. TikTok user Gabrielle Jones said, of her beloved rose toy, "This thing right here... Amazing...It had me seeing the white light." The video has racked up over 10,000 comments from viewers, both those curious about the toy and those who bought it on Gabrielle's recommendation and have come back to enthusiastically concur with her review.

With stellar endorsements like that, it's easy to see why so many people are interested in rose toys even now. But what do these toys actually do, and how can you use them in a maximally pleasurable way? Let's discuss this best-selling toy, and the tips and tricks that'll have you "seeing the white light" too.

What is a rose toy and what does it do?

The rose toy that went viral on TikTok was a clitoral suction toy – but that category name is a bit misleading. Rather than using actual suction, the way that clit pumps and penis pumps do, this type of toy uses pulses of air to rhythmically alter the air pressure surrounding your clit while creating a seal around it.

The result is a sensation that's somewhere between sucking, tapping, and vibrating. Imagine someone was giving you oral sex, but their lips could vibrate and their tongue could maintain a fast and perfectly steady rhythm. That's basically what the rose toy feels like.

However, the popularity of that original rose toy has spawned many new ones, some of which have interesting and unique functions. Since the rose toy's claim to fame is the way it mimics the sensations of oral sex, we make rose toys with tongues that wiggle back and forth like an actual human tongue, similarly to our Joi licking vibrator, stimulating your most sensitive spots. Some of these toys also have a built-in thruster, so you can get penetrated at the same time as you're getting licked. For some users, this can lead to more satisfying, blended orgasms, instead of orgasms limited solely to the external clitoris.

We also carry a few rotating rose toys which use their "stamens" to stimulate your clit in a circular motion. It's worth noting that this type of toy, and many other rose toys and clitoral suction toys, can also be applied to the nipples and feel similarly exciting there if you like nipple play.

Fiona – Rose Clit Licking Stimulator & Thrusting Egg

How to use a rose toy

The most important thing to know about using a rose toy is that you should always use lube with it. Our water-based lube is ideal for the job, because it's compatible with all toy materials and is easy to reapply one-handed as needed. This helps the toy establish a better suction seal so it can stimulate you more intensely, makes the toy more comfortable to use, and also just makes it feel closer to what oral sex feels like.

Apply some lube in and around the toy's "mouth," and massage some onto your clitoris and the surrounding area as well. This is a good opportunity to get yourself aroused with some gentle touch, perhaps while watching porn, reading erotica, kissing your partner, or doing whatever else turns you on. While sex toys are certainly arousing on their own, they tend to feel even better if you're already in the mood by the time you start using yours, because the natural engorgement that happens as a result of arousal can increase sensitivity.

Next, you'll want to place the "mouth" or nozzle of the toy over your clitoris. If you're unfamiliar with the exact location of your clit, you can use a mirror to look at it and/or reference an anatomical diagram online to figure out where it is. It may also be helpful to spread your labia apart with one hand while you position the toy with your other hand.

Depending on the size of your clit and the size of your toy's nozzle, the toy might cover some of your clitoral shaft and clitoral hood, or it might just sit over the very tip of your clit. Both are fine, although if you find that the toy's mouth is too roomy to create a proper seal or too tight to be comfortable, you may need to consider getting a toy with a different-sized mouth than the one you currently have. There's no shame in this; sexual anatomy varies a lot from person to person and it's all about finding the right fit for your particular body.

Turn the toy on using its power button. From there, you can use the controls to adjust the toy's intensity as needed. Usually it works best to start on a low intensity and work your way up as you get more turned on. If the lube starts to dry up at any point, you can apply more, or (if it's a water-based lube) re-activate it by applying some additional water. (Keeping a spray bottle near your bed makes this easier.)

How to reach orgasm with a rose toy

Now, about that "white light" Gabrielle Jones mentioned seeing…

As with any sex toy, rose toys can't guarantee an orgasm, because all bodies are different and respond differently to sensations. However, many people report being able to reach a climax – or sometimes multiple climaxes! – with toys like these.

One factor to consider is where you've positioned the toy on your clit. You might notice that one side of your clit is more sensitive than the other, in which case, positioning the toy more toward that side might produce better results. You might also want to experiment with placing the toy over your clitoral hood – that's the fold of skin that covers or partially covers the clit at some stages of the arousal process – especially if you find the toy's sensations overwhelming when applied directly to the sensitive tip of your clit.

It's also fun to try out different amounts of pressure at different points in your arousal cycle. See if you prefer a light touch over pressing the toy firmly against your vulva, or vice-versa.

Listening to your body is ultimately the most important thing to do when trying to reach orgasm – and it can take practice to be able to do this well. For instance, if you start to feel overstimulated or uncomfortable, that can be a sign to lower the intensity of the toy for a while, reduce the pressure, add some more lube, or take a break altogether – whereas, if your pleasure starts to stall out or lessen, it could be time to turn the toy up or introduce more pressure.

Sometimes a little motion can help push you over the edge, whether that be rocking your hips so your vulva undulates against the toy or manually moving the toy up and down a bit. If you like penetration, you may want to introduce some of that as well, to help you build toward orgasm; if you have a rose toy with a built-in thruster, you can use that, or if not, you can penetrate yourself with your fingers, a dildo, or an insertable vibrator.

Above all, remember that sex and masturbation are ideally meant to be pleasurable and fun, not stressful – and the best way to ensure your sessions stay enjoyable, rather than disappointing, is to focus on the journey rather than the destination. All pleasure is valid, whether or not it ends in an orgasm.

Excited to use a rose vibrator, now that you know how? Check out our selection of rose toys and go have some fun!

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