A Total Game Changer: Honey Play Box Lili App-Controlled Egg Vibrator

I don’t know about you but these days, I’ve been getting into reading erotic novels and seeing their appeal.

There’s just something about having someone help you visualize what it feels like to be a strong-willed yet soft-hearted person who meets someone who will sweep you off your feet with their sweetness – only to find out how much of a beast they are in bed.

No shame in my game, this is my new favorite thing to do as I wind-down at night from a long day at work.

Speaking of which, it’s this act of reading and imagining that’s got me wondering how it feels like to not just think about the words on a page – but actually feel them.

For example, having a vibrator inside as you gleefully struggle to read the next sentence.

The thing is, it’s still hard to find a sex toy that gives you the option to use it hands-free. The mere attempt at doing two things at the same time is going to take away the joy of reading.

Until now.

Allow me to introduce to you – Lili, and she will change the way you flip through those books.

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Product Description of Honey Play Box Lili App-controlled Egg Vibrator

Lili is straight-forward with a twist: She is a body-safe silicone, egg-shaped vibrator. On one side, she is thicker and more tender which is capable of filling you up nicely without stretching your insides too much.

On the other end, it’s much smaller but with a flexible tail that gives you the option of engaging in anal play at the same time.

On the inside, this beautiful app-enabled egg vibrator is made with a powerful motor that offers you nine pleasure settings – making it almost impossible to not find a pace that makes you see stars.

Plus, Lili is also waterproof so you can take her on land and water without fear.

Here’s the twist! She is also capable of being controlled by either remote or app.

Yup, that’s right! An app!

That means that aside from Lili’s initial nine pleasure settings, the app can also help you explore more dynamic patterns and vibrations – all with a touch on your phone.

Ladies and gents, I think we’ve arrived at the future of sex.

How to Use Lili - the App-controlled Egg Vibrator


With the remote and app in your hands…how do you use Lili to achieve the most memorable times of your life?

It’s fairly easy to use the remote – the buttons installed are direct and could easily let you know how to turn it on and off, and how to switch between the vibrator’s modes.

On the other hand, the app is so new, it deserves its own introduction!

Enter the HoneyPlayBox app! It’s fresh from the ovens of sex toy land and it’s here to give you the chance to control the Lili vibrator from an even greater distance.

How far, you may ask? Even long-distance partners will be immensely happy with this duo!

Like I mentioned, this app is capable of not just controlling the vibrator and its modes, it’s also capable of the following:

  • Long-distance Control - So your partner in another country can still make you scream their name
  • Sync to Sounds - So you can fuck it out to the tune of your sex playlist
  • Online Chat - So you can see and follow your partners oh-so-sexy instructions
  • Customized Vibrations - So you can adjust the vibrations exactly to you liking

Remember when I talked about wanting to read erotica while being pleasured at the same time? I can do that now, for sure! I’ll simply insert the smart egg vibrator, get comfy with my bed and book, keep my phone to my side so I can tap to start and tap to change however I like.

My nights have gotten more exciting and I am confident yours will too!

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Like with all Honey Play Box toys, Lili comes in like a secret agent – discreet and right under the noses of those who don’t look too closely.

So you can rest easy because she gets delivered like any other package, and you can receive her with open arms and go straight into the privacy of your own room and get it on.


Lili-egg vibrator


I’ve already talked about Lili’s controls previously, but because Lili and the app are the first-born in the Honey Play Box family, they went the extra mile and developed a user guide for you to parse through so you can rid the intimidation and go straight into using it with confidence!


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My Experience

Fortunately, I was able to experience Lili before my reading-books scenario and let me tell you – she is wild!

Wild in a sense that she lives up to everything being said about her: designed to fit snug inside you, made to give you a variety of pleasure patterns, survives water and can be controlled via remote or by app!

Regardless of those amazing things, she also has a few downsides you need to remember:

  • She’s not a one-man show. Lili is a vibrator, remote and app so it’s a lot to carry when you plan on heading out
  • She only lasts for one hour and needs to charge for two hours, which isn’t a well-balanced energy distribution but Lili makes up for it with the way she can efficiently make you cum,

If you’re willing to look past these cons, then I see no problem in you having Lili as part of your personal sex team.

I also think your partner will like this because regardless of whether they live across the world or across the street, they will enjoy the fact that they can pleasure you anytime they please through the app.

Might I say, a new spice level has been reached.


Lili is both for the beginner and the expert alike because of her shape and flexible control options – especially the HoneyPlayBox app. It makes it easier to adjust to a new toy and at the same time, master the features through a user-friendly layout on your phone.

So, if I were you – go and get one now!

And I’ll be waiting here to hear your story!