30 Wild Things That Turn Men On

30 Wild Things That Turn Men On

So maybe you have a guy you want to impress and bring home to your bed, but you don't know a thing about how to turn him on. Or, you like teasing your partner or boyfriend every now and then to spice up your sex life.

Here are 30 easy ways to pique your man's interest and make him attracted to you.

1. Flash Your Pearly Whites

It may sound surprising, but a girl's smile is one of her greatest assets. With this subtle move, you can turn men on and make them want you more than before.

Before you flash your best smile, make sure there aren't any bits of spinach stuck in-between those pearly whites. The effect will be enchanting, and they will want to get to know you even more.

2. Yoga Pants

There's just something so sexy about yoga pants that drives men crazy. It could be because you're giving guys a peek at your bare legs through thin clothing, or that it makes your butt stand out. To increase the eye candy, opt for shiny latex or tight-fitting leather.

3. Exposed Thighs

You'd be hard-pressed to find a straight man who won't get a sexual reaction with exposed thighs. It's built into their DNA, along with checking out your hips and seeing if there's a flash of panty underneath. Choose a pencil skirt, short shorts, or a summer dress, whichever is on hand.

4. Obvious Flirting

Eliminate the doubt that you're just playing with them by laying it on thick. Other than saying 'I want you' directly, you can be a bit coy and practice techniques such as 'accidentally' touching his crotch or planting a light, yet meaningful kiss.

5. Eating a Banana or Ice Cream

Yes, licking ice cream or eating a banana in a sensuous fashion is one of the most guaranteed ways you can turn a man on.

What guy doesn't like observing you as you perform thinly-veiled oral sex? For extra horny points, you can smile coyly and look him in the eye as you do it. You may need to do a bit of practice to get it right, but it's a great 'wild turn-on' skill to have.

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6. Rocking a Wet T-Shirt

There's a reason why wet t-shirt contests are super popular during summer and spring break. As long as you're at a pool party or the beach, then why not give it a shot?

7. Painted or Glossy Lips

Evidence suggests that guys like to look at red lips. And why not? They'll be thinking of kissing that particular facial aspect if they're rock-hard and ready to go.

If you don't have red lipstick, then a high-quality lip gloss should suffice. Don't forget to apply some makeup to the rest of your face to really amp it up.

8. Get in Close

In every romantic film, there's a scene where everything slows down and sensuous background music comes on whenever a guy and a girl get close to each other. Be confident, lean forward, and invade his personal space, then let him get a closer look at your eyes, lips, or even your bra.

9. Touching During Conversation

Touching is a form of flirting, and some guys like the idea of getting physical in preparation for a makeout session or a quickie. As a word of warning, don't do it too much or it can produce the opposite effect.

10. Look at Him Straight in the Eyes

Fix your gaze on your guy and convey the message that you want him then and there. You'll know he's into you as well when he returns it and moves a bit closer.

11. A Slow Massage

A slow and sensual massage can serve as a precursor to sex. You can briefly touch his sensitive parts, such as his groin or butt, or make coy and naughty remarks while you're at it.

12. Naughty Texts and Direct Messages

This is a pretty straightforward technique to turn him on. Converse like you're in a bar or the dance floor, with every message leading him on. If he's not dense, he'll get the mood and follow through accordingly.

13. The Downblouse

Give guys a sneak peek at your package by wearing a loose blouse or t-shirt. If you're feeling particularly daring, then you can leave the bra at home and give him an instant erection.

14. Licking or Biting Your Lips

Some guys love it when girls bite or lick their lips in a sensuous manner. It's a sign that you're interested in him and it forces him to look at it, imagining what it's like kissing you in the mouth.

15. Wear the 'Fuck Me' Dress

Squeeze into the shortest and tightest dress you can find and go to town. This can leave very little to the imagination, but there will be enough clothing to entice and cause men to drool when you walk on by.

16. High Heels and Long Legs

If you have it, then flaunt it! Long bare legs are such a turn-on for guys, visually speaking, and it's accentuated if you have a pair of high heels to go with your getup.

17. Cleavage

Flashing some cleavage never fails to get a reaction from men. You can either proudly display your ample breasts by wearing a skimpy bikini, or entice and tease with a loose button or two while you're in the office or a bar.

18. The Boob Graze

This takes some maneuvering to get right, but you'd be sure to get a reaction and possibly, a hard-on. Move to bump into him gently, and let his arm or back get a brief feel of your chest. As an added bonus, give him a coy look afterward.

19. Two Women Kissing

Woman-on-woman action is always hot, especially to a straight guy.

20. Playing With Your Hair

Whether long or short, give your locks a twirl or two to show your man that you're visibly excited (and possibly horny).

21. A Seductive Video or Selfie

Get with the times and snap a flirtatious selfie to send. Or, if you're really feeling it, go ahead and record yourself in a promiscuous position. You'll be sure to get the desired reaction from him.

22. Visible Nipples

You can do this several ways- either don a sweater and let your nipples poke through, or wear sheer clothing sans the bra. It's sure to get his attention, and he probably won't be able to stop staring!

23. Make the First Move

Men like it when women take the initiative, especially in the dating or cohabitation scene. In a progressive society, you can be confident and assertive while the others wait.

24. Give Him a Lap Dance

In public, 'accidentally' sit on him and give him a 'sheepish' smile. In the bedroom, go ahead and do a full-on lap dance to get his manhood a workout.

25. Dirty Talk

Talking dirty is one of the best ways to elicit a reaction. It can be as simple as 'Let's go to my place and have fun', or subtly, such as 'I'm not wearing any panties'. You can practice saying them confidently to produce a greater effect.

26. Sexy Lingerie

Guys get a visual kick out of seeing their object of desire wearing a sexy thong. If your intent is to initiate sex at home, you can surprise him with a bathrobe or trench coat and nothing except your most daring lingerie underneath.

27. Having the Same Interests

Remember that not all guys are turned on by curves and skin- some are fascinated by the fact that a member of the opposite sex has the same hobby or interest as theirs.

Granted, it's not really an action, but rather meeting someone who shares the same likes. When you chance upon this, try your best to keep his attention so you can land a keeper.

28. Engage Him in Deep Conversation

Give his mind an intellectual massage with stimulating and intelligent conversation.

You may be so into a topic that you probably might not notice that he's already staring at your lips, your legs, or your cleavage. When this happens, ditch the place and go somewhere you two can be alone.

29. A Long Hug

Physical intimacy is sure to get a reaction from him 80 percent of the time. What better way to give him a 'preview' of your assets than a long, extended hug?

Make sure to get in close and provide as much coverage as you can. The more skin contact, the greater the success of giving the guy a lingering turn-on.

30. Showing Off Your Mad Gaming Skills

Lastly, guys like to play videogames in their spare time. They would surely sit up and notice if a hot girl like you had hidden skills with a mouse and keyboard, or a game controller for that matter.

Try These 30 Wild Things That Turn Men On Today

Looking to get a guy or your partner turned on? These 30 things are classic come-hithers and subtle invitations that make a man lose his senses and go gaga over you. What happens next will be entirely up to you!