5 Sex Positions To Try On A Couch

Couches are most people’s go-to relaxation spot. They’re an island of comfort that we keep coming back to after a long day at work. We sit on couches to binge our favorite shows, to watch sports with our friends and family, and to share a drink and some appetizers with our guests.


The couch is already a place where we do our favorite things. Eating. Watching TV. Hanging out with friends. Couches change all of those activities, making them more casual and more fun. Does having sex on a couch make things more casual and fun too?


We’re happy to report that the answer is yes. The couch is a great place to have casual, fun, laid-back sex, and you and your partner will both love the sponteneity of making love there instead of in your bed. Here are five sexual positions that you absolutely need to try on your couch.


Position #1 The Wrapped Lotus

Wrapped Lotus

The Wrapped Lotus Position (also known as the Yab-Yum Position in Tantra) makes sure that two lovers are as close as they can be, with no gap separating them. The partner who is thrusting sits cross-legged while the partner on the receiving end mounts their lap, wraps their legs around their back, and sits face-to-face with them. Both partners will then wrap their arms around each other in a hug and press their chests together.



By bringing both partners together physically, this position will nurture both physical and emotional intimacy. You will be making eye contact, feel each other breathing, and even feel each other’s heartbeat.



This position brings a couple much closer than other sexual positions, and some people may not be comfortable being so physically intimate with another person. The Wrapped Lotus Position requires endurance, especially for the thrusting partner. In addition to this, this position might not be viable for everyone. You need to take your own body’s flexibility, endurance, and limits into account. The enjoyability and viability of the Wrapped Lotus will vary depending on both partner’s body shape, size, height, and capacity of body mobility.



The partner who is sitting and thrusting should have enough endurance and lower and upper body strength. After all, this position requires the thrusting partner to support another person with their lower body at the same time as they thrust. Jenn Gunsaullus reported that placing a pillow under the buttocks or knees will provide additional support.

Position #2 The Butter Churner

Butter Churner

The Butter Churner Position gets its name from the old-fashioned machine used to churn butter that was popular on many farms (Ellen 2020). This position involves using an up-and-down motion that’s similar to the one needed to operate the ancient machine. Now, don’t let the name or the motion scare you. You won’t be churning anyone, or anything, into butter. The partner on the receiving end will lie on their back and raise their legs, folding them over until their ankles are on either side of their head. The thrusting partner will squat over the partner on their back and position their penis above their partner to penetrate from above. The idea is for both partners to move up and down and create the butter churning motion. You can use a strap-on instead of a penis to enjoy this position as well.



The Butter Churner can be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender identity and body, as you can use a strap-on to achieve the same kind of penetration and the movement will be just as pleasurable. This position does not hinder eye contact in any way and, if you do lock eyes, it’ll only enhance the intimacy between you and your partner.



The receiving partner will need to have a certain degree of flexibility and endurance in order to maintain their position comfortably. After all, their legs are folded over so that their ankles are on either side of their head. The receiving partner may become woozy because the upside-down position will make their blood rush to their head. Both partners must also be conscious of the fact that the receiving partner’s head and neck will be subjected to the weight of both bodies. Neck injuries may occur if both partners are not careful, so this position isn’t recommended if the receiving partner suffers from neck pain or has suffered a neck injury in the past.



Drip some chocolate syrup or drop candy into the receiver’s mouth from above to make things sweet, spicy, and daring (Amy, 2020).


Position #3 The Champagne Room

Champagne Room

Nothing beats binging your favorite shows with your partner, a glass of champagne, and a comfortable couch. Well, there is one thing better. Doing all of that while having sex. With this position, both parties can watch TV and have mind-blowing sex at the same time. The penetrating partner sits on the edge of the couch, with the receiving partner sitting on their lap and facing away. This is the Champagne Room Position.



The receiving partner has both hands free to use the TV remote to set the mood and sex toys to pleasure themselves or their partner and kick things up a notch. If the receiving partner’s feet are on the ground, they can position themselves to change the depth, angle, and rate of the penetration. If they can’t reach the ground, then the penetrating partner can use their hands to shift their position and better control the penetration. The great thing about the Champagne Room is that both partners can have their hands free to enjoy a nice glass of champagne, and can both watch TV while having sex. This position is also very versatile. You can use it for vaginal and anal penetration with either a penis or a strap-on.



Because both partners are facing away from each other and watching TV, there is no eye contact and less emotional intimacy. We can learn a lot by watching our partner’s facial expressions during sex and, since you’ll be looking away with this position, you won’t be able to see their reactions.



Remember, one of the advantages to this position is that both partners are free to use their hands. The receiving partner can rub their nipples, clitoris, or other areas of their own body or their partner’s for extra stimulation. The penetrating partner can stimulate their partner as they thrust into them as well. Both partners can also use sex toys, use their hands to reach for drinks and snacks, and tease and tickle each other.


Position #4 The Couch Grind

Couch Grind

Before starting this position, we recommend getting a towel (or two) and be prepared for the thrill ride. Find an armed chair or couch at home and place the towel over the arm. Make sure that the arm is strong enough to support your weight and that it’s thin enough to fit between your legs. Now, climb on top of the arm of the chair and ride it. Start with gentle movements along the hips, then proceed with back-and-forth movements to stimulate your clitoris. Move at your own pace from there until you orgasm.



You don’t need a partner for this ride, just the right kind of couch or chair. This a fun and exciting position for solo play, and you can try all kinds of moves without worrying about anyone else’s pleasure but your own.



The arms of couches and chairs can be hard, sturdy, and uncomfortable. Combine this with the fact that the clitoris is very sensitive and has very thin skin, and you might have a problem. Test the arm of the couch or chair beforehand to ensure that it’s padded enough to be comfortable, and remember not to jump on it too aggressively to avoid harming yourself.



Put on music, a sexy movie, dim the lights, and light some scented candles. Make an evening of it. You can do this by yourself or you can put on a show for your partner as part of foreplay.


Position #5 The Seated Wheelbarrow

Seated Wheelbarrow

"People actually do this?" You might’ve asked yourself that question when you saw that picture. This position is called the Seated Wheelbarrow and the answer to your question is, of course they do. If you’re a fan of deep penetration, you have to try it. So move that coffee table, clear up the space around your couch, and get ready to start. The penetrating partner will sit on the edge of the couch. The receiving partner will get down on all fours and move backward until their vagina is directly above their partner’s penis or strap-on. Now, the receiving partner and the penetrating partner have to work together. The idea is to position the receiving partner’s legs so that each of their thighs rests on one of the penetrating partner’s thighs and hips. The receiving partner must keep their hands on the floor in order to hold themselves up, but the lower half of their body will also provide support on the couch and on their partner’s lap. The penetrating partner can grab onto the receiving partner’s buttocks, thighs, and legs for support while thrusting forward.



The Seated Wheelbarrow allows for extremely deep penetration. Due to the height of the couch, it’ll be easier for the penetrating partner to reach the receiving partner’s G-spot, which will make reaching climax quicker and easier.



Balestrieri had said, the seated wheelbarrow might not distribute the thrusting power like other positions did, and required certain physical power of the penetrator. However, it really depends on own conditions and preferences (Zachary, 2021).  


Some people report that the Seated Wheelbarrow might make thrusting difficult, and will require more physical endurance and lower body power to lift the receiving partner and thrust forward at the same time. Like the Wrapped Lotus, the more flexibility, endurance, lower and upper body strength, and stamina both parties possess, the more enjoyable and pleasurable this position will be (Zachary, 2011)



To level up your penetrating power and pressure, you can change the location or move furniture around. Try sitting at different heights for different penetration angles, but keep in mind that the receiving partner’s upper body will take more strain the higher the penetrating partner is seated. For lovers of anal sex, the Standing Wheelbarrow would be a great choice for you. It’ll allow you to penetrate the prostate more easily, and allow easier access to the P-spot.