5 Crazy Sex Positions

Today we will be learning about unknown or lesser-known sex positions, and here we have a top 5 of them.     

Position #1 The Bicycle

Bicycle sex position

The bicycle is an excellent position for couples with a good sense of adventure and imagination. How to do this? The person receiving has to lie down on a surface and make "the wheels," positioning their legs between the waist and shoulder of the person in charge of thrusting. Both can see each other fully, getting to know every reaction and having a little fun while getting some intimacy.


Advantages: it is fun; there is room for playful teasing while penetrating; you can see the other person and get some intimate eye-to-eye.


Disadvantages: The receiver may feel uncomfortable keeping the legs where they should be.

Pro-tip: lie down on a soft surface; that way, you won’t feel uncomfortable; the person who will be penetrating can help hold the receiver so it can make it more accessible and fun for both,


Position #2 The Spoon

Spoon sexy position

Allowing penetration from behind and an open posture worthy of giving and receiving love has made this position one of the most famous and used. In this pose, both partners will lie on their sides, and the person who will penetrate will be behind the one who will receive with their buttock directly in their partner’s genitals. Its use is most frequent when waking up or at bedtime. It’s called the spoon because, as you can see, it looks like two spoons cuddling each other.


Advantages: a romantic pose to share as a couple while the heat flows through the participants’ bodies, fantastic for just cuddling and caressing your SO and sharing intimacy.


Disadvantages: If it is not applied correctly, it can be uncomfortable.


Pro-tip: if you are behind, that’s an excellent opportunity to caress and kiss your partner’s body, kiss their neck, their shoulder, caress and touch their body, and whisper how much they turn you on and how much you love them.


Position #3 The Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex position

One of the most recognized positions of all time, becoming famous for the creativity it emanated. It is a very original and fun pose where you can surrender to the feelings, feel the rhythm, and don’t try to control yourself; just let it go. How does it work? One lies comfortably, and the other sits on them and takes the wheel. In the cowgirl position, the person on top is the one that writes the rules, sets the speed and tempo, and the one on the bottom helps by moving their hips to penetrate deeper and feel the pleasure with renewed vigor. 


Advantage: You can feel and control the penetration by maintaining this position. It allows you to dominate and be dominated in a fun way. Always get consent.


Disadvantages:  If not done correctly, it could be painful to the penis. Some men feel emasculated, so talk to your partner about doing this and get to mutual consent.

Pro-tip: this position is perfect for caressing and touching your partner. For a better experience, try leaning and kissing the person on the bed.


Position #4 The X

x sexy position

The X is a somewhat complicated but great pose. The couple must sit on the bed facing each other with legs forward. Now both have to lie back, with their legs forming an X. Slowly, start leisurely gyrations to replace thrusting, or you can make slow or smooth turns and penetrations depending on the style, allowing great stimulation.


Advantages: Great stimulation and allows teasing during the sexual encounter.


Disadvantages: it can be tiring on the legs.


Pro-tip: try to change from lying down to sitting without changing the rhythm of the thrusting.


Position #5: The Wheelbarrow


The wheelbarrow gets the name because the silhouette made by the bodies resembles one. How does it work? One person penetrates their partner as they would in standing rear entry; the difference is that they need to lift the other person by the pelvis and have them grip the standing person’s waist with their legs. Summer camp wheelbarrow races were never this much fun!


Advantages: whoever is receiving or giving will receive great stimulation, and it is a great exercise


Disadvantages: both could get tired doing it as it strains the muscles.


Pro-tip: Have them strolling as an actual wheelbarrow race to make it fun and exciting. Always get consent.