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Vanilla Scented Sex Wax Candle - Honey Play Box

Vanilla Scented Sex Wax Candle

Set the mood and enjoy a relaxing massage. This sex wax candle low temperature is made from natural oils and will not burn your skin. Infused with light fragrance, moisturizing massage...
Silicone Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve - Honey Play Box

Silicone Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

Go one step beyond for your pleasure! Lube up and enjoy yourself with this vibrating masturbation sleeve with removable bullet vibe.Made from super soft and stretchy silicone, this sleeve will...
Soft Spreader Bar BDSM - Honey Play Box

Soft Spreader Bar BDSM

A more comfortable and versatile spreader, the soft spreader bar bdsm features four comfy Velcro cuffs that are fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Easily and securely restrain your partner...
Domme Leather Flogger - Honey Play Box

Domme Leather Flogger

Perfect for kink newbies, or those looking for a travel-friendly size, the Domme Flogger is crafted from luxurious leather. With a comfortable handle, soft suede is great for thuddy impact...
Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs - Honey Play Box

Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs

Restraint can be a luxurious experience. Feel the gentle caress of the soft and inviting fabric of fine lace as they secure around your wrists. These sexy cuffs come with...
Over the Door Restraints - Honey Play Box

Over the Door Restraints

Have a door? You’re halfway there. The Over the Door Restraint Kit will fit on just about any door jam and turn any room into your personal playroom. Comfortable and...
Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black - Honey Play Box

Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black

Restrain and immobilize your partner with the Strap Me Down Bed Restraints Kit. An incredibly versatile bedroom bondage kit ideal for beginners and experts. Comfortable, adjustable cuffs and sturdy straps...
Ur Mine Ball Gag - Honey Play Box

Ur Mine Ball Gag

Supple, sexy and strong bondage gear. This breathable ball-gag makes for the perfect sub-accessory, featuring adjustable straps for comfort and an easy chew that will keep you drooling. Communication with...
Safe Word Impact Paddle - Honey Play Box

Safe Word Impact Paddle

Deliver thwacks of love! Perfect for kink newbies, or those looking for a travel-friendly size, the Safe Word paddle is crafted from luxurious vinyl and leather. Complete with a strong...