Tongue Vibrators

Check out the best pussy licking toys and tongue vibrators available on the market today. Both clitoral tongue vibrators and sucking vibrators.
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Scioness - Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator

Scioness - Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator

Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator Tongue Vibrator Ready to move on to some steamier foreplay? Or craving for an explosive orgasm? You can't miss Scioness sucking and licking tongue vibrator...
licking vibrator tongue toy

Succion - 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking G Spot Vibrator & Clit Licking Tongue

3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking G Spot Vibrator & Clit Licking Tongue Treat yourself with the most versatile G spot vibrator! Succion is a pleasure queen that will triple your...
g spot vibrator with rotating head

Lilian - G Spot Vibrator With Rotating Head & Tongue Vibrator

3 in 1 Rotating G spot Vibrator with Clit Stimulator Lillian's 360° rotating head and vibrating clitoris licking tongue are aesthetically pleasing and functionally satisfying to all your senses, no...
clit licking g spot vibrator

Adele - Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator with G Spot Stimulator

Elegant Double-End Sex Toy Tongue Vibrator Elegant and delicate, beautiful and fairy-like, Adele blends vintage styles into modern looks, dedicated to you with good taste. Adele is a double-end licking...
Seduction - Stimulation Suction Vibrator

Seduction - Stimulation Suction Vibrator

Seduction - Oral Sex Toy Suction Clit Stimulator Diving into the pleasures that are yet to be discovered and an extraordinary journey that is beyond your sexpectations with our XBIZ...
Silvia - Mini Clitoral Licking Vibrator for Quick Orgasm

Silvia - Mini Clitoral Licking Vibrator for Quick Orgasm

This mini clitoral licking vibrator is very perfectly in the palm of your hand, there is also have 9 different licking model and smooth bottom, which is easy to control.A...
Alvina - Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator

Alvina - Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator

•Tongue-like licking & vibrating: The elegant tongue tickler flutters like a real tongue, providing endless stimulation to your clit, vulva, nipples, and other sensitive areas. Take it and explore the...
Roxy - Tongue Clit Licker & Cock Ring

Roxy - Tongue Clit Licker & Cock Ring

Roxy - Tongue Clit Licker & Cock Ring Roxy is absolutely marvelous with its tongues. Unlike any other cock ring and couples ring, Roxy is outstanding with a loop of...

What are the types of tongue vibrators?
There isn't just one tongue in the world of vibrators. That's right because there is one designed for partnered play, one for oral sex enhancement, and one simply for a teaser!

Honey Play Box offers tongue vibrators across all types such as Adele — who is a clit licking tongue vibrator and g-spot stimulator designed for both solo and couple play.

We also have Scioness — which is a sucking and licking clitoral stimulator designed for oral sex enhancement.

Finally, we have Alvina — who is a clit licking tongue vibrator that is perfect to tease you towards the main event!

Does it feel like a real tongue?

Yes, it does! Take the Scioness for example — its nine tongue-licking patterns and three suction intensity levels mimic the feel and movement of an actual mouth.

Plus, the design itself is also made to mimic an actual tongue for you to get an impressively close representation of a real tongue having its orgasmic way with you!

How to enjoy tongue vibrators?

We've mentioned this in bits and pieces previously but a tongue vibrator acts as a tongue that can lick and suck your clit, vulva, or vagina. You can enjoy it by positing the vibrator against the erogenous zone of your choice and exploring different speeds and intensities until you find one that suits your style!

For example, you can start with foreplay – running it across your neck and down to your chest. Then having it circle around your breasts and nipples before making the journey down your belly and into your inner thighs which greatly help in making you even more wet. Then, the main event, you can press it against your clit and allow it to take you from warm to hot really fast.

Can I use it on my nipples?

Yes, you can! Its licking and suction power can also be used on your nipples and the immediate surrounding area (which is also known for being quite sensitive).

To enjoy it, carefully place the vibrator above your nipple and start exploring with the lower settings first before transitioning into the more intense options.

This is also a great tool for achieving an orgasm through nipple stimulation because it can take away the hassle of using your own fingers and using something that is expertly made to please you.

Can I put it inside me?

It depends on the model! There are some models that are designed with a g-spot vibrator that you can put inside you, like the Lilian – which is a g-spot vibrator with rotating head and tongue. Then there are some that don't and only have the tongue mechanism itself to place against your clit, like the Swan – which is a double-ended licking vibrator. But regardless of whether you can put it inside, tongue vibrators can rock your socks off anytime so you can have these both at your bedside at the ready for night where you are alone or nights where you bring someone home.