Toy Cleaner

This cleaner is soft to the touch, and leaves your fun toys squeaky clean, ready for the next round! Informative & Secure Place Shop Quality Sex Products.
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Toy Cleaner Spray - 3.38oz/100ml - Honey Play Box

Toy Cleaner Spray - 3.38oz/100ml

Ground shipping, continental US only An effective, alcohol-free cleaning formula designed to clean and sanitize personal massagers, vibrators, dildos and other pleasure products. The Honey Play Box Toy Cleaner is...

Should I use a toy cleaner as soon as I receive my toy?
Yes! Just like everything else you receive via mail, you must make the effort to clean it right away because these items, in general, go through many processes inside a storage facility which means that it went through every opportunity to get dirty and not get disinfected before send-off โ€“ especially for toys that will go inside your body. So do yourself a favor and clean it as soon as you unbox. You'll thank us later.

Why should I use a toy cleaner instead of regular soap?

That's because a lot of regular soaps have stronger chemicals than a toy cleaner. While that is not automatically wrong, it's simply not suited for cleaning sex toys because it can slowly break down the material, and that is quite dangerous because it's going to expose the toy to bacteria and consequently infect that onto your body, and we don't want that!

How often should I clean my toy with a cleaner?

You should clean your sex toy after every use to keep it from accumulating bacteria and other nasty stuff! Honey Play Box offers toy cleaners in different sizes such as 60 ml and 100 ml, so you can stock up as much as you like!

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