Handcuffs & Restraints

Using handcuffs is one of the ways you can enact that fantasy and it is definitely safe for beginners! Buy now.
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Soft Spreader Bar BDSM - Honey Play Box

Soft Spreader Bar BDSM

A more comfortable and versatile spreader, the soft spreader bar bdsm features four comfy Velcro cuffs that are fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Easily and securely restrain your partner...
Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black - Honey Play Box

Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black

Restrain and immobilize your partner with the Strap Me Down Bed Restraints Kit. An incredibly versatile bedroom bondage kit ideal for beginners and experts. Comfortable, adjustable cuffs and sturdy straps...
Power Play Collar & Leash - Honey Play Box

Power Play Collar & Leash

Take your sexy sub on a walk. This collar and leash set looks and feels luxurious and sexy. Secure the collar around your partner’s throat, and adjust easily with buckled...
Kinky Play Bondage Kit - Honey Play Box

Kinky Play Bondage Kit

It’s got a little of everything. Restrain your partner perfectly with adjustable buckled cuffs, hogtie and sensory depriving blindfold. Great for beginners into bondage play and experts alike! Remember, communication...
Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs - Honey Play Box

Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs

Restraint can be a luxurious experience. Feel the gentle caress of the soft and inviting fabric of fine lace as they secure around your wrists. These sexy cuffs come with...
Kinky Play Ankle Cuffs - Honey Play Box

Kinky Play Ankle Cuffs

Kinky Play Ankle Cuffs, pair perfectly with our wrist cuffs and hogtie!Remember: Communication with your play partner is essential! Always use restraints with consent.Specifications Size: 12.25 x .5 x 2...
Four Point Hogtie - Honey Play Box

Four Point Hogtie

Restrain four limbs easily without complicated bondage! Feel fully restrained and deliciously vulnerable with hands and feet secured behind or in front of their body. Easy to secure nickel-free clips...
Over the Door Restraints - Honey Play Box

Over the Door Restraints

Have a door? You’re halfway there. The Over the Door Restraint Kit will fit on just about any door jam and turn any room into your personal playroom. Comfortable and...
RING RING CAT Cat Girl Restraint Starter Kit

RING RING CAT Cat Girl Restraint Starter Kit

Cat Girl Restraint Starter Kit   It feels good to be bad! Dress up in black leather and embody temptation. This restraint kit includes a ringing cat-themed paddle, a choker and...
RIBBON Faux Leather Beginners Bondage Set 

RIBBON Faux Leather Beginners Bondage Set 

FAUX LEATHER BEGINNER BONDAGE SET This mighty collection is perfect for bondage newbies who want to experiment and broaden the horizons of their sex life! It gathers all the bondage...

Are they safe for beginners?
Handcuffs are often associated with police procedures, specifically when arresting a criminal. But did you know that it also serves another purpose? It's for BDSM! While they may look like two completely different scenarios, the element of restraint is present in both. In terms of BDSM, restraint is used to indulge in a person's need to be held back as their partner has their way with them. All with consent of course!

Using handcuffs is one of the ways you can enact that fantasy and it is definitely safe for beginners! Honey Play Box offers handcuffs and restraints for all experience levels but if you're looking for a particular one that fits your first-time needs, then the Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs are a good pair to start!

But if you're looking for something extra kinky, then the Disgraced Nun is perfect for you! It's a bondage set with handcuffs and legcuffs which is perfect if you want to completely surrender to the pleasure.

Are there types of handcuffs and restraints?

As mentioned, Honey Play Box has a lot of handcuffs and restraints for you! Apart from the Wrist Cuffs and the Disgraced Nun, there is also Federico – a luxury restraint kit made of genuine leather. There is also Over the Bed Restraints, Soft Spreader Bar, and a Hogtie! All of which are open for you to try as long as you follow your own pace!

How can I elevate the usage of handcuffs and restraints?

One of the common elevations in handcuffs and restraints is by upgrading your gear into one that has an attached collar – just like the Power Play Collar, Prisoner Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs with Thumb Cuffs and Leash and the Slave Faux Leather Neck to Wrist Restraint! You can tap into your inner pet and explore being commanded and controlled in bed. For sure, it will give you a different kind of liberation of your sexuality!

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