How To Sext?

Have you ever sent naughty/dirty texts to someone? Don’t be shy, babe; at some point, we have sent at least one, even if it’s just for teasing, or at least we have thought of doing it. So let’s talk about an efficient way to ignite the sparks in a relationship or add extra fun to intimacy, something you may have imagined or fantasized about many times and never done once. So let’s begin by saying that dirty texting or sexting is natural, and there is nothing wrong with doing it with your SO or a friend you trust. However, remember consent is the key to mutual pleasure. If it’s unexplored for you, don’t fret; in this article, we have a simple how-to guide to get you started, and for the rest, use your sexual fantasies and experiment!

Before continuing, a friendly reminder, sexting needs to be done with people you trust and have previously agreed to have this kind of intimacy with you. Never do something without the other party’s consent; always protect your and the other person’s integrity.

why should you sext

Share your wildest fantasies and new sex positions you want to try.

sex positions
Talk about past sexy memories from an unforgettable night.
past sexy memories

Talk about how attractive/sexy/strong they are to boost their confidence.

boost their confidence

Send a picture of your chest, breasts, genitals, or you in a sexy pose, or you playing with sex toys.

sexy pose

Send them a voice note and tell them precisely what you’d like them to do to you.

voice note

Text-image the scene as if you are really having sex or find gifs or sex videos about what you want to try when you see them again.

text-image the scene