The Valentine's Day I'll Never Forget

It was Valentine's Day and THIS happened…


"Damn, I never thought it would turn out to be this awesome!", said Dan.

Dan had been dreading Valentine's Day which was soon approaching. He has always been pessimistic and indifferent about Valentine's Day since 2014.

He's the kind who thinks Valentine's Day is just another overrated, unnecessarily hyped-up day, with nothing more to offer than the red color theme, flowers, chocolate, dinner, and all the other stuff it comes with.

However, this time it turned out way different than he ever imagined.

Let's rewind a little.

So Dan wasn't always this way about Valentine's Day. He actually was a hopeless romantic before, but after this happened, he never wanted to see the color red again or hear about anything to do with February 14th.

So what actually happened to Dan?

It was on the 14th of February, 2014 when Dan had one of the worst experiences of his life.

Dan: (Ring ring), his phone rang. "Hey babe!", he said with excitement.

Summer (Dan's girlfriend): "Hey Dan", she said in a rather sad tone.

Dan: "What's the matter babe? You don't sound like yourself." 

Summer: "Well, I …", she sighed deeply.

Now Dan was starting to get worried about what would be wrong with his girl.

Dan: "Talk to me babe, what's up?" 

Summer: "I've been thinking. A lot, and uh …", she sighed again.

Summer: "I just …".

Dan: "You just what babe? Come on, stop playing."

Summer: "Well I don't know how to break it to you but I just don't think…", she paused again.

Now Dan was kind of getting annoyed and impatient, and being someone with a short fuse, he hung up on Summer.

Seconds later, Dan's line was ringing again but this time he didn't pick up out of irritation. Summer called twice more, then the third time, he finally picked up.

Dan: "Listen, if you're playing games with me or trying to do a silly prank on me, I'm not up for it!" 

Summer: "Dan listen, I really have something to tell you but I just don't know how." 

Dan: "Well, if it's important just get it out already. I need to go pick out my outfit for our dinner tonight. I'm kind of running late." 

Summer: "About that", she interjected. "That's the reason I called." 

Dan: "Okay, so what's up? You want my opinion on which dress you should wear tonight, isn't it?" 

Summer: "Well, not quite. I actually can't make it for our dinner tonight. I'm sorry." 

Dan: "What! Are you being serious right now Summer?" 

Dan: "Again, if this is some Valentine's Day prank, I'm not for it!" 

Summer: No Dan, It's not a prank or anything. I'm serious", she said with hesitation.

Dan: "You've got to be kidding me right now Summer. What the hell is this? I mean, why?"

Summer: "I've been thinking Dan, I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm sorry."

Dan: "Really Summer? Just like that? We're over? We're done?", he said in disbelief.

Summer: Yeah Dan, I just don't think I'm the right person for you anymore. Can't do this, sorry Dan."

And then, silence.

Summer: "Dan? Are you there? Dan!"

A few moments later, Dan yelled out loud, "Noooo!" His heart was completely shattered.

Ever since then, he has never been a fan of Valentine's Day. However, now years later, something happened that was different about this Valentine's Day.

It was a few days before Valentine's Day of 2017. As he had been doing since the Valentine's break up he had with Summer, he didn't plan on doing anything. But a friend of Dan's had something planned for him this time.

It's February 12th, 2017 and Dan is going about his day when a friend calls him.

Holly (Dan's friend): "Hey Dan", she said.

Dan: "Holly, how's it going my good friend?" 

Holly: "Good, what are you up to?" 

Dan: "Well, same old you know."

Holly: "Yeah, so what you got planned for Valentine's Day, it's coming up pretty soon you know that right?"

Dan: "You know me and Valentine's Day have a bit of some bad blood." 

Holly: "Yeah, but I mean, it doesn't have to be that way forever does it? I mean there's no harm in having a little fun you know", she said in a rather flirty tone.

Dan didn't respond immediately. There was a bit of awkward silence for a second. He then responded.

Dan: "I mean, yeah you're probably right I guess", he said in a reluctant tone.

Holly: "That's my Dan. Promise me something, you're going to open yourself up to enjoying this year's Valentine's Day, yes?"

Dan responded, "Yeah yeah, all good. I'm probably going to be in bed by 7pm on Valentine's Day anyway."

Holly: "You don't have to be in bed alone though", she said with a little hesitation.

Dan laughed.

Dan: "Who would want to be in bed with a sorry ass like me? After all, I haven't been with anyone in years. I'm kind of rusty in that area if you know what I mean?"

Holly laughed a little and replied, "I totally get you. I feel the same way since my breakup with Brandon last year."

Dan: "Oh yeah for sure. I had forgotten about that guy. He did you wrong. You deserve a good man."

Holly: "Aw, that's so sweet of you Dan. Thanks. Anyways, let me get back to work. Just thought to call you and check on you."

Dan: "Thanks friend, you're always a sweetheart. Chat later then."

Holly: "No worries Dan, bye."

It's finally Valentine's Day, what happens next may just shock you.

So it's the morning of Valentine's Day, and Dan remembers what his friend Holly had told him a few days back. So he got on the phone and called Holly.

Dan: "Hey Holly, I was wondering, did you have something planned for tonight?"

Holly: "Hey Dan, um… Not really, what's up?"

Dan: "How about we hang out at my place, and watch a movie or something?"

Holly: "Okay, sounds good. Let me know what time I can come over."

Dan: "Say 6:30pm?"

Holly: "Sounds good"

Dan: "See you later then, bye."

Now, Holly decided to get a last-minute gift for Dan. Guess what she got him? A sex toy! She wanted to see how he'd react to it.

Evening came, and when Holly and Dan had gotten a little comfortable in Dan's living room, she took out the gift and gave him. When Dan saw it, he said, "Damn, I never thought it would turn out to be this awesome!" 

After that, the unbelievable happened.

To be continued…


Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.