All Your Squirting Questions Answered

All Your Squirting Questions Answered

To some, squirting is their bodies natural reaction to pleasure while others squirting is an elusive concept made up by the porn industry. Today we are tackling all things squirting. Is it real? What is it? What does it feel like? How can we do it? 

Is Squirting Real?

Yes, it is! And I am so excited to share some science based information about squirting as well as my personal experience with this seemingly evasive form of ejaculation.

What is Squirting?

Squirting, simply defined, is the expulsion or release of fluids from the vaginal area. Squirting occurs during high levels of arousal and the fluid is propelled by the vaginal muscles. Although there is some debate on how much fluid is needed for it to be considered squirting, a good rule of thumb is if there’s an expression of significant fluid from the vagina during genital stimulation, it is squirting.

Squirting is a form of ejaculation from the vagina but it is not the same as vaginal ejaculation. According to Medical News Today, there are a few main differences between squirting fluids and ejaculation fluids. 

For squirting, the fluid is usually colorless and odorless, and it occurs in larger quantities. Whereas, the fluid for vaginal ejaculation more closely resembles semen as it is thicker, appears milky, and occurs in smaller quantities. 

According to a 2013 study of 320 participants, the amount of liquid released during squirting can range from approximately 0.3ml to more than 150ml. That’s anything from a few drops to half a cup!

Knowing the difference between the two female ejaculation fluids can help you understand what squirting looks like and help inform you whether squirting occurred!

Fun fact: These two types of ejaculation can happen independently of one another or at the same time! This means squirting does not always equate to orgasming. 

What does it feel like?

Squirting feels different for everybody so there is no concise answer on how it feels. For some squirting feels like a release whereas for others it feels like an intense orgasm.

As someone who has squirted before, my experience with squirting resembles a powerful release. To me, it feels different than an orgasm and oftentimes does not occur when I am orgasming. 

The first time I experienced squirting was actually before I had ever reached my first orgasm. This goes to show that all bodies are different and react to pleasure differently! I am also not someone who can squirt "on-demand" or every time I have sexual intercourse. Everyone who squirts has different experiences and engages within it differently! 

Other research has shown that the sensation of squirting can resemble sensations similar to having a full bladder. This is the most scientific explanation to what squirting feels like as the bladder plays a role in squirting. 

Can everyone do it?

This question is largely debated in science and by sex educators- but the simple answer is yes! 

Biologically speaking, all vaginas have the "engineering" required to squirt but that does not mean everyone with vagina’s squirt!

Scientifically speaking, some studies estimate that squirting is experienced in some form by 10-54%  of people with vaginas. 

Although we may have the mechanics to squirt and science has shown the amount of people who can squirt ranges, there is no full-proof answer on who can or can not squirt. 

How can you squirt?

Squirting remains to be this phenomenon that we can’t quite figure out. The main way we know squirting can occur is through either G-spot stimulation or G-spot stimulation combined with clitoral stimulation. 

Besides G-spot stimulation there are a few ways to explore squirting! 


The best thing for squirting is getting in the right headspace so your brain and body is relaxed!

Light candles, take a hot bath, put on your favorite sexy outfit, or turn on music that turns you on. Help put yourself in the physical and emotional space in which you are relaxed and can allow for the full sensations.

If something is holding us back mentally or physically, squirting may be difficult to accomplish.

Warm up!

We have to warm up before we can get to the finish line! Touch and caress your body in ways that feel pleasurable and empowering to you. Rub your neck, thighs, nipples, or vulva as a way to warm up.

Find your G-spot and go for it!

The G-spot is found inside the vagina! It's located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall. The best way to find it is to insert one or two fingers and slightly curl your fingers.

The G-spot feels a bit rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue and feels raised or bumpy. It is also very sensitive and swells slightly during arousal due to increased blood flow!

Once you found your G-spot, explore the touch and pressure that you enjoy. More touch, pressure, and range of motions leads to added pleasure! 

Like other erogenous zones, how and if the G-spot is pleasurable varies person to person and if you do not enjoy G-spot stimulation you are completely normal!

If you want to use toys to stimulate your G-spot to help squirt, here are some of our favorite:

Squirting can be a fun way to explore different sensations and your body!

Remember: whether you are able to squirt or not, it is not a reflection on yourself.  All bodies react to pleasure in different ways and that is pretty dang awesome!