Best G Spot Toys: Meet HoneyPlayBox G-spot Master Collection

G-Spot, fiction, or facts? Is it a human invention, or a true reality?

Well, it has long been regarded as a bit of a human sexuality mystery like the UFOs, searched and discussed by a lot of people, but never actually seen by any.

So, does G-spot actually exist?

Modern scholars have done gross anatomy research and re-discussed the tissue structure of the clitoris, and found that the G-spot may be an extension of the clitoris, therefore they called it "G-spot-clitoral family", which together the clitoris and the G-spot may be the cause of orgasms experienced vaginally.

Then, how can we achieve the G-spot orgasm?

In any case, the sole purpose of the G-spot's existence is to bring happiness, you may have experienced these great feelings on earth with a partner, or if haven’t, have you ever thought of using a toy to reach that amazing climax? Gone are the days when talking about sex was a taboo, today you can find all kinds of pleasurable toys that are ideal for your body type, experience level, and lifestyle, sometimes we ladies desire a G-spot orgasm, but achieving that will call for different techniques and toys among different women, and knowing which one to go for can be tricky, but worry not, the team at Honey Plax Box has all your needs covered by launching the G-spot Master Collection, which features 5 different G-spot vibrators all designed to stimulate both G-spot and C-spot, as we talked above the "G-spot-clitoral family", delivering the thrills of both worlds. In this blog, we will make sure to provide you with truly reliable information based on reviews and personal tryouts. And now that I have got your attention, let’s take a closer look at the G-spot Master Collection and all that they have to offer.

Honey Play Box G-spot Master Collection

  1. Crave - G-spot Vibrator with Rotating Head


Crave - G-spot Vibrator with Rotating Head

Everyone is craving for something, I guess that’s why they give this small, beautiful toy the name Crave, for its ability to deliver. Crave does not have an intimidating size but is housed with powerful motors to get the job done no doube. What makes it more special is its 360°rotating head, consistently hits the intimate area for a fast build up of sensation, whilst a curved arm it’s caressing the clitoris to add an enhanced pleasure. Plus it comes with a remote control, makes it more convenient to play with, alone or with a partner. Featuring a small and sleek design, Crave is highly recommended for beginners.

What did they say:

I could feel the vibration on my clit and the rotation head roaming in my most sensitive spot, gosh I swear it felt so good, of course I started helping out by touching and letting myself go, I didn’t come immediately, however it started building the orgasm which in general in better because it tease you so badly that the moment you reach your climax is like an explosion, waves and waves of never-ending pleasure. It was heaven

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  1. Angel - Triple Tease G-Spot Stimulator


Angel - Triple Tease G-Spot Stimulator

Yes, you are not mistaken, Angel offers triple stimulations thanks to the equipment of 3 powerful independently controlled motors. This toy massages all your sensitive parts and it comes with a sucking mouth and licking tongue focusing on your clitoris and a meticulously curved shaft targeting your G-spot with a flapping bump that imitates penis hitting and finger flicking. But that isn’t the only good thing about it. Angel is designed with an elegant appearance and made of medical-grade silicone, it’s also waterproof thus is very easy to clean and sanitize after each use.

What did they say:

But as soon as I inserted it inside me and turned the multi vibrators on, a wave of pleasure filled my whole body and it took me less than 5 minutes to reach an -out of this world- climax. Usually it takes me a few minutes, around 20 or so, to get there but Angel made me curl my toes and cry as I came, it almost made me squirt

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  1. Sweetie - G-Spot Tapping Rabbit Vibrator


Sweetie - G-Spot Tapping Rabbit Vibrator

You may have seen rabbit vibrators before, but this rabbit Sweetie is sort of different. With a cheerful tapping bump vigorously hitting the internal spots, and a powerful rabbit wrapping and passionately massaging the clitoris, a heavenly blended pleasure is guaranteed (kindly remind that the vibration of the rabbit is very intense, so I recommend to start with a gentle intensity). Sweetie looks like a decent toy at the first sight with an impressive soft touch. It also boasts a seamless and waterproof design making it ideal for using in the shower. Sweetie is perfect for playing with your sweetheart to make the foreplay more enticing.

What did they say:

it gave me the most amazing orgasm in my whole week, this toy took my memories, shattered them, and created completely new and improved ones, so I highly recommend this toy and believe me this probably is the first time I recommend a toy right after one use

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  1. Dolphin - Rolling G Spot Vibrator & Clit Stimulator


Dolphin - Rolling G Spot Vibrator & Clit Stimulator

Doesn’t it look so cute? Another small-sized toy in this collection, Dolphin is just like fantasy with a vivid appearance as a real dolphin. Small as it is, it packs a punch. A rolling ball is built in the tip of this G Spot vibrator, and runs up and down, just like a man’s finger teasing, coupled with the vibrating tail targeting the clitoris, it provides both internal and external stimulation, resulting in a quicker orgasm. Dolphine also comes with a remote control for more exploration possibilities. It’s suitable for both beginners and pros alike, as it really offers serious vibrations.

What did they say:

I closed my eyes, and turned dolphin on. I still remember the explosion of pleasure that I felt in that moment, the rolling was gently stroking on my G-spot, like fingering me in the right place and the dolphin tail-like end of the toy was pressing and vibrating right in my most sensitive part of the clit. I was feeling and seeing fireworks in that moment and the water surrounding me just added to my fantasy, I climax so hard...

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  1. Jubilee - Clitoral Licking Vibrator


Jubilee - Clitoral Licking Vibrator

Finally, here comes Jubilee, a beautiful toy with a romantic pink color. Well, Pink doesn’t mean it’s not erotic, and if you miss the sensation of oral sex, Jubilee is the right one for you as it’s designed with a sucking mouth and a licking tongue teasing you like a skilled lover. The body shaft of Jubilee is bendable so you can adjust it to your pleasure. It’s worth mentioning that the long G-spot end can also be used on C-spot as well, the vibration is so intense that enables a clitoral orgasm as well.

What did they say:

I loved Jubilee it was fun to use and it gets you so close to the orgasm, however in my case I felt it was more like a foreplay than an actual way to reach the orgasm, although, I swear using extra lube in the tongue gives a better experience and feels so realistic, its perfect to use with your partner to stimulate her and then get to the real deal

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So, if you are a newbie, I strongly recommend Crave and Dolphin due to a relatively smaller size, if you want a more fullness sensation, Sweetie won’t disappoint you. If you are the kind of enjoying oral sex or if you have never experienced it, grab Angel or Jubilee, a new world of pleasure awaits.

At last, sex toys are not omnipotent to change our sex life, but I want to be honest that they’re truly effective and helpful while we are dealing with our deeply innate desire.

So, what are you waiting for?

Emma H

Wrote by Emma H.