A Sure Thing: The Scioness Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator

Calling all my people who’ve been disappointed by someone!

Don’t you just hate the feeling of someone promising you one thing and end up not pulling through?

Specifically when it comes to romantic relationships! With how often we get heartbroken, we sometimes wonder if love – or at the very least, passion and pleasure, are worth pursuing.

But just because the human race is mostly populated with sucky people, doesn’t mean we rid ourselves of the chance to feel good.

There are so many other ways to feel cared for, especially when it comes to your bodies. Most of them don’t even have arms and legs! In fact, they often come in a cup and tongue pair, and they definitely practice what they preach.

What am I talking about? The Scioness! The perfect companion that fulfills many promises.


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Product Description

The Scioness is a sucking and licking clitoral stimulator who uses its cup to suck the soul out of your body, and tongue to bring it back so you could scream moans and profanities.

It has many good features to their name, mainly with a revolutionary airwave technology that induces a strong sucking sensation, a tongue that never gets tired of pleasing your clit, three suction intensity levels to satisfy your light to intense cravings, nine tongue-licking patterns that touch the clit in many ways than anticipated, a body made of body-safe silicone to give you peace of mind when going crazy on it, and a one-hour battery life on a full charge.

It might sound a lot but they all actually work together to make one dream come true: for you to have a memorable experience full of fun and pleasure!

It makes you reconsider the prospect of getting a partner, huh? I hear you! It’s probably because you don’t have to go through the social hoops just to teach them all the things you like, and then go through such tedious trial and error just to get it right.

Here’s what I’ll tell you: If you’re not yet ready for a relationship but you need that toe-curling satisfaction, then this tongue vibrator can give that to you.

How to Use

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Using this clit licking sex toy does require a little bit of practice, especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s because it’s sucking levels and licking patterns might be overwhelming at first.

Why? When I tried this for myself for the first time, I made the irrational decision to put it in the most intense setting. Needless to say that when I put it against my vulva and clitoris, I cried out of anxiousness rather than pleasure.

The lesson you should pick up from this is to take it easy. Allow yourself the grace to experience the Scioness at the tamest settings and warm it up against other, less intimidating areas of your body like your neck, your belly, your thighs, whichever you choose!

Once you’ve gotten a feel of how the Scioness sex toy works, you can try it out on your breasts next. Allow it to go in circles around your mound and slowly work it towards your nipples. Once you’ve arrived there, don’t rush and increase your settings – let it love you, let it lick your nipples to stiffness and most of all, let it turn you on and get you wet down below. The slow build-up actually helps in loosening you up for the main part of the show.

When you’ve had your fill from your chest, you can ease this licking vibrator down, down, down, to your vagina and let it kiss against the vulva.

The same thing happens with your breasts: take it slow, feel every suck and lick, recognize what you like and don’t like before you turn up the intensity or hasten the speed.

After getting to know this clit licker for the first time, you’re now ready to experiment. You can travel back and forth between your vulva and another erogenous zone of your body, and play with its many settings. Who knows? Maybe you like it slow and easy on the boobs and hard and relentless on your clit? Your pleasure is up to you!

My Experience

So, as I’ve said before, I’ve made the innocent mistake of using the Scioness stimulator at its highest settings and overwhelmed myself.

Afterwards, I became too anxious to use it again – or even be near it! A few questions ran through my head: What if it happens again? What if instead of pleasure, I get pain – and not the good kind?

Instead of forcing myself to like it, I made it a point to take some time away from it. Meaning, I had to hide it deep in my drawers and forget about it for a couple of days.

Until one night, I was feeling especially turned on and I wasn’t seeking pleasure from a dildo or a simple vibrator. That’s when I remembered about the Scioness.

Keen to not repeat my mistakes, I took a different approach to using it which was the one I talked about in here!

And let me tell you: this was the biggest plot twist in my sex life!

Because I finally saw what it can do when it came to my pleasure! Every movement is designed to touch you, not hurt you. Kind of like true love, eh?

Well, that’s how I think of the Scioness! It’s my true love in all things moaning and groaning!

A small note though: for a charging time of ninety minutes, the Scioness can only run for thirty to fifty minutes depending on how intense you use it.


Other than that, I would say that the Scioness-sucking and licking clitoral stimulator may look intimidating, but she’s made to make you feel oh-so good.

And if one day, you decide to search for love and get it, you can absolutely use this with your partner too! Double the pleasure, double the fun!

If you’re reading this, definitely give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!