Eight New Must-Buy Toys for This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to buy a new toy (or three)!

With the colder weather coming in there is even more reason to stay in bed and have some fun with new toys and sensations. Fall is also the perfect time to cuddle up with your summer-time-fling turned fall-friend and explore!

Lastly, if you need any more reasons to buy new toys this fall just remember cuffing season is around the corner.

Here are 9 New Toys You Should Buy this fall for those cozy mornings with yourself, to bring some fall spice to you and your partner(s) bedroom, or for that soon-to-be cuffing season sexy time!

X-ring Stretchable Silicone Penis Ring

X-ring Stretchable Silicone Penis Ring

Up your penis ring game with this X-ring, stretchable silicone penis ring. It is super smooth, comfortable, and versatile.  The soft and elastic silicone material allows for optimal stretching so it can be used on all bodies in various ways. Due to the two rings on this penis ring it can be worn on the base of penis, or on the penis and testicles at the same time. The two rings are different sizes allowing for different sensations. Penis rings in general are a great way to increase blood flow and extend the length of an erection. Use this toy by yourself or during partner play to increase your pleasure! 

Bonus: this toy is super lightweight, easy to clean, and great to bring on a trip!

Babs - Silicone G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Babs - Silicone G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit just got a makeover! 

This silicone G-spot rabbit vibrator has a smooth, rounded, double-eared head for an amazing pleasure experience. The silicone makes these toys soft and comfortable. The amount of ends on these toys allows for a wide array of sensations. For both g-spot and clitoral sensation, insert the rabbit vaginally for g-spot stimulation and the “head” and “ears” will stimulate the clitoris. To just explore clitoral stimulation, play around with the different ends of the toys! The head and ears will give more pointed stimulation while the end of the body will give a broad range of sensation. 

Some amazing bonus features of this toy are the flexible shaft that can be bent to a perfect angle for best insertion as well as the 2 independent motors create 9 vibration modes separately. More vibrations = more pleasure! 

Oh and did we mention its rechargeable and waterproof? 

Dobby - Wearable Vibrator With Remote Control

Ever wanted to explore discreet public play? This is the toy for you!

This whisper-quiet vibrator fits perfectly in a pair of underwear without falling due it’s ergonomic curved design. This toy is petite, lightweight, and easy to carry for a variety of occasions.

The best part is this toy is controlled by a remote control so you can be in control of the toy or you can give that power to your partner. The waterproof smooth silicone coat feels ultra-comfortable and you're able to have fun either at home or outside.

Bonus: This toy has TWELVE vibration modes! Talk about a whole new world of stimulation. 

Himan - Couples Vibrating Penis Loop

Talk about a toy that can do it all! This vibrating penis loop can be used in a wide array of ways. Try it as a vibrating penis ring, a testicle stimulator, a clitoral toy, an insertable vibrator, and even a dual vibrator during partnered sex. This toy truly brings partnered or solo sex to a new level. 

The super stretchable ring is made of smooth and elastic silicone and can fit any size. The ripple pattern vibrator offers extremely powerful stimulation to any sensitive points. This toy can even prolong erection and tease your partner at the same time.

This toy is the ultimate addition to a couple's play with a variety of uses. Plus it's remote controlled and waterproof!

Archer - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.3Inc

Archer - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.3Inc

Get ready to fulfill all your fantasies with this large, fancy, tie-dyed dildo! This dildo is great to look at and even better to use!

The very realistic head and vein textures feel like the real thing and add a ton of sensation! This toy even comes with a suction cup base so it can be used on any surface! Try it on the floor, in the shower, on the wall, even explore with a sturdy mirror!

Archer is only 1 out of 10 of our new fantasy dildos. Our new fantasy dildos range from realistic to tentacles to horns. Check more of them out here!

Britt - Bendable Vibrating Wand in Blue

This soft, silky and bendable wand gives you a whole new meaning to wands. This wand comes with a patterned head which creates more vibration and sensation. The flexible nature of this wand also allows for it to be used on all kinds of body parts. 

Wand just for clitoral stimulation? Not anymore! This flexible wand shows us that we too should be flexible in how we use it. Try it out on nipples, pensies, balls, all over the vulva, and of course on the clitoris.

This wand is also lightweight and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

And yes, it is waterproof!

Millie - Bendable Licking Vibrator

Millie - Bendable Licking Vibrator

The one way we can describe this toy is: eye-catching. This toy looks like no other vibrator on the market with its unique curved shape and the unparalleled tongue licking vibration function.

This ergonomically designed double-headed vibrator is destined to become a new favorite.

Press the mouth to turn on the vibration, bend its body freely and enjoy the thrilling stimulation from multiple angles. Open a new door of solo or partnered pleasure with this uniquely designed toy!