Butt Plugs for a Better Life – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

I’ve heard a lot about butt plugs and how they’re an essential for anyone’s explosive sex life. Maybe it’s just me, I never got on the bandwagon because I was simply scared of putting things in my butthole.

But now that I’m older and more willing to try new things, I’m taking it upon myself to get up to speed on the many amazing sex toys that can contribute to a sex life well-lived. Wanna know what I’m starting with? Obviously anal plugs!

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What is a Butt Plug?

According to Cosmopolitan, a butt plug is “an anal sex toy shaped like a teardrop meant to be placed into you butt”. On the surface, it seems incredibly intimidating but as someone who literally took a brave step forward and tried it, there are a lot of benefits to using an anal plug (another name to call it), if used responsibly:

Benefits of using a Butt Plug

Bustle lays it down snug and lists the benefits as follows:

Butt Plugs get you Comfortable in Stimulating your Anus

Anal plugs are an essential part of the delicate art of hitting it from the back. Since out buttholes are a lesser known place for penetration, it requires a bit more TLC to get it ready and avoid getting into shock, or worse, hurting yourself.

So, experimenting with a butt plug is a great place to start as it lets you work it in at your own pace and mood!

Butt Plugs allow you to experience Different Sensations

This isn’t to throw shade on vaginal sex but it’s so common that even newbies have a solid idea on how it feels like. Anal sex, on the other hand? Not so much!

Our anus has a ton of nerve endings that can be used for pleasure, which already makes it an exciting feat to explore! Cosmo even says that you might experience the sensations you’ve been looking for here!

But a word to the wise, don’t get too excited! Always bear in mind that safety is priority and try not to get swept away by your curiosity!

Anal Play can lead to Orgasms

The vagina and clitoris may have the spotlight when it comes to orgasms but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anywhere else you can achieve climax!

Yes, you can come through anal play too! Once you’ve gotten used to having a butt plug, you can level up and try a vibrating anal plug! The shivers you get from the toy plus the feeling of fullness will send your nerves into overdrive and possibly give you one of the strongest orgasms in your life.

Trust me, I knocked out after orgasming and woke up feeling fresh the next day!

Different Toys and Ways to Play provide Different Sensations

We now live in a time where anal plugs aren’t just confined to one shape. It could be longer in length like anal beads, or have multiple features like a vibrating butt plug. It could also come in different looks to cater to different fantasies such as fox tail butt plugs, thrusting butt plug, and jewel butt plug.

So butt plugs could really help you in exploring the kinks and limits of anal sex which is really helpful if you want to maximize all of your pleasure spots.

rud-anal toys

Butt Plug Categories

I’ve mentioned a few of them prior but this is where I lay down the works of every butt plug currently in the market:

Classic Butt Plug

I believe this is what people commonly see around the internet and like what we’ve mentioned before, a butt plug usually comes in a teardrop shape and made with body-safe silicone. It also comes in many sizes to accommodate beginners and experts alike across all genders and sexualities. The goal if which is to help you discover the ins and outs of anal play in a safe way!

Vibrating Butt Plug

As Men’s Heath says, this is a butt plug with a vibrating feature which allows you to control the intensity with a remote control. This is usually what people get if they want to move on from the classic anal plug.

Vibrating Butt Plug

Glass Butt Plug

This is like you class butt plug but this is made of glass instead of the usual body-safe silicone. According to Squirrelmunk, due to the nature of the material, a glass butt plug will glide on easier and is compatible with most lubricants.

Thrusting Butt Plug

Alright, I’ve heard of thrusting dildos but this was my first time encountering a thrusting butt plug and I had to check out Mel Magazine to find out how it works and it says that thrusting anal plugs work similarly to vibrating butt plugs – there is a remote for you to turn on and control the speed in which the thrusting butt plug moves and you’ll experience the feeling of anal sex without the pressure of a partner…yet. So this is actually great if you’re already used to having the plug inside of you and want to discover more of anal play!

Thrusting Butt Plug

Tail Butt Plug

I think this also speaks for itself! Tail butt plugs are the ones that come in these cute and unique tails to provide you a stunning visual of your fantasies in bed. They usually come in cat tails, bunny tails, and fox tails and if I may be so blunt, you can actually do a Little Red Riding Hood roleplay with these plugs! I think there’s much excitement in pretending to be prey and letting your partner chase and catch you for a wild night.

Jewel Butt Plug

Like the tail butt plug, this one comes decorated with pretty jewels at the end so that every time you wear it, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Or a princess, if that’s what you prefer!

How to Choose your First Butt Plug

Now that you know all that needs to be known with butt plugs, allow me to guide you:

1. It should have a flared bottom

2. It should be made with body-safe materials that can be found in the packaging description of the product

3. For beginners, it’s recommended to choose one that is made of stainless steel, silicone or borosilicate because they are easy to insert, non-porous (which means that it won’t absorb a lot of the fluids that come from lube or your own), flexible and can be easily cleaned after use.

Butt Plug Recommendations

Pink Gem Rose Gold Metal Butt Plug

This pretty little thing is perfect to train your anus and reduce the pain of butt play by stretching it little by little until it comes to a point where you can comfortably enjoy it. You can even wear this outside, if you’re up for it as it looks pretty against your skin and does not slip out even when you used lube to put it in.

Although, there are a few disadvantages. According to The Chain Gang, metal butt plugs come with the risk of overstretching due to some people using sizes that are bigger than what they can take.

Another risk is discomfort or experiencing a burning sensation which also stems from the first point because some might be too eager to go big and pressure the skin and muscle around your anus to stretch at a rate in which it is not yet ready for. Lastly, and this is a worst case scenario, is that metal butt plugs, if not designed properly can lead to it disappearing inside.

Make sure that the butt plug has a flared bottom so that while it slips all the way inside, you still have leverage to take it out when needed.

Iza - Anal Vibrator & Silicone Cock Ring Remote

This is for the ones who want to have all of their bases covered. The Iza Vibrating Anal Plug and Penis Ring is perfect for people who want to be a little rougher on themselves, and I mean this in the best way!

Since you can achieve orgasm through anal play, the textured make plus the vibrating feature of the Iza makes that possible but if you’re the type to edge yourself, this is where the penis ring comes in. They extend from the base of the plug and so it can pleasure you penis and scrotum while saying “Uh-uh, not yet”. Now, that’s what I call a sexual trifecta!

But nothing is ever perfect most time. Vibrating anal plugs don’t come with amazing motors. So, there’s a chance where the vibrations don’t feel natural or seamless and it might even make you feel unsatisfied after use.


Dallas - Anal Sex Toy & Thrusting Butt Plug

This is a sleek anal sex toy that is made with a powerful motor that delivers three kinds of delicious thrusts through it’s easy to use remote control. It’s thoughtfully made with a slim neck and a bulbous tip to ensure comfortable insertion and with its flared bottom, makes sure for a safe removal.

While that is fun to use, it also comes with the same cons as the previous two toys so I do encourage you to really do your research and go with what works for you! There’s no pressure to go to 100% immediately!

Safety Guide

Here are some things I and Doctor Climax want you to know to keep you safe in your adventurous anal play:

  • Choose the right butt plug - consider the size, shape and material to make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew.

  • Use proper lubrication - consider the material of the anal plug. If it’s made out of silicone, then you’ll do well with water-based or oil-based lubes. If it’s made of metal, then using any sort of lube is alright.

  • Practice good hygiene - I think this goes without saying but making sure you anal canal is clean is one of the first things you should do to minimize the risk of infection or getting messy in the wrong way. You can achieve this through enema which allows you to clean deep!

  • Stay safe - it might be simple to hear but oftentime we get too excited and forget to listen to our bodies. Make sure you pace yourself and never do anything you feel like you’re not up for. Don’t force it!


How to safely and comfortably use a butt plug in public or private?

Healthline lays it down as:

  • After getting the size and shape that suits you, don’t be afraid to use a lot of lube!

  • Allow yourself breaks! Anal play isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon so give yourself time to adjust and give you a safe experience.

  • Choose butt-plug friendly clothing. This could be underwear that keeps your plug snug and doesn’t let it slip off of your completely, wearing fit pants to add extra protection and even packing body wipes just in case some of the lube slips off!

  • Give you butt some aftercare - Always thank you butt for a job well done by giving it some TLC. It could be a butt massage or maybe a warm bath, it’s totally up to you!

Is it safe to wear all day?

Healthline also says that ideally, you can only wear your anal plugs for 30 minutes at a time. While it’s fun to have them inside you for longer, it could pose a safety risk if you do it, so it’s better to periodically remove it to ensure that you’re not overstretching your anus.

What size should I choose?

In the same article, Healthline explains that it is best to consult with an anal toy expert to find out which size works for you because getting what that is too big or too small can cause problems!

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

Bustle says that it feels kind of pleasurable since the anus has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. So if inserted in the right way, the feeling won’t overwhelm you!

What if someone finds out?

I haven’t found a good resource to answer this question so I’ll come from experience. When someone found out I was wearing a butt plug, I was in a public place and when they confronted me about it, I was upfront and honest about how I wanted to explore more of sex and it was not meant to make others uncomfortable. Generally, a rule of thumb would be to act accordingly. If the person is aggressive in their response then it’s best to remove yourself from the situation but if they’re more open to conversation, then be clear on your intentions too!


There you have it! I’ve laid down all my knowledge and experience with butt plugs! Of course, they’re not 100% perfect and experiences could vary from person to person but always listen to your body and believe me when I say that you’ll arrive at that point in your life where you’ll be able to enjoy anal play!